Tokyo: Day 8 (Ogasawara)

Prefecture 47 of 47
16 July

Local municipalities, the route and Celebration venues

In principle, the same local municipalities will manage Olympic Torch Relay segments in 2021. The route and Celebration venues will also be retained as planned; however changes may be necessary as a result of other unavoidable circumstances.

Places of interest in Tokyo

The Tokyo leg of the Torch Relay takes place during the 15 days leading up to the Opening Ceremony, visiting all 62 municipalities of the city. The Torch Relay will start at Komazawa Olympic Park Plaza, a legacy of the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games, which is nestled across the cities of Meguro and Setagaya. Until 17 July, the torch will journey across the Tama area and the islands. From 18 July until the final day, the Torch Relay will pass through the 23 wards of central Tokyo, making its way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government offices before completing the journey in Tokyo.

Some of the sites the torch will visit on its journey across the Tama area include: Minami-Tama, where the regeneration of the Tama New Town community is under way; Nishi-tama, with its expansive forests and the fresh waters of the Tama River; and Kita-tama, where the hills stretch outwards from the residential areas. The Torch Relay will also travel across the waters to Tokyo’s islands. From the Izu Islands to the World Natural Heritage Site of the Ogasawara Islands, the Olympic flame will visit all the municipalities ⁠— each offering unique scenery, marine resources, special goods and many other treasures.

The second half of the Torch Relay will see the torch pass through various areas of urban Tokyo, including Ginza and Nihonbashi, the centre of Japan’s economy and commerce; Roppongi, the shopping and entertainment district; and Shinjuku, with its skyscrapers that shoot towards the sky.

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