Prefecture 9 of 47
11 - 12 Apr.

Local municipalities, the route and Celebration venues

In principle, the same local municipalities will manage Olympic Torch Relay segments in 2021. The route and Celebration venues will also be retained as planned; however changes may be necessary as a result of other unavoidable circumstances.

Places of interest in Nara

The Nara leg of the Torch Relay begins in the city of Gojo, making its way to Asuka, Fujiwarakyo and the ruined ancient village of Karako-Kagi. From there it will journey through the central south area of the prefecture, arriving at the Nara Prefecture Kashihara Park where a celebration will take place at the end of the first day. On the second day, the Torch Relay will leave Umami-kyuryo Park, travelling through Ikaruga, Heijo Palace, Nara Park and the northern part of the prefecture, arriving at the Great Buddha Hall at Todai-ji Temple for a celebration.

The Torch Relay in Nara will showcase Nara’s history as an ancient capital, along with national treasures, World Heritage Sites and the rich nature of the southern and eastern parts of the prefecture. The Torch Relay will present a perfect opportunity to introduce Nara’s charm and attractions to the rest of the world.

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