Information on the orientation

We will be conducting orientation sessions, which include interviews, aimed at enabling participants to gain a sense of the atmosphere of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and to enhance teamwork.
From late January, we will be sending notifications to the e-mail addresses registered in Step 2 of the application form, and each applicant will be required to attend one orientation session, which will last for approx. 90 minutes ~ two hours.

Notice regarding Orientation Sessions

Please beware of phishing and other cybercrime sites

There are increasing incidents where users are guided to fraudulent websites by clicking on a link contained in an email or a social media site.
Please make sure not to accidentally access a fraudulent website on the Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer My Page.
We recommend that you access your My Page from this website or you bookmark the My Page URL (

Procedure prior to the orientation session

  1. An e-mail entitled ‘request to reserve a place on the ◇◆Tokyo 2020◆◇orientation session at (name of venue)’ will be sent.
  2. Please follow the instructions contained in the e-mail and reserve a place for your preferred date.
  3. An e-mail will be sent to you before your preferred orientation session detailing the procedure for the session for the appointed day.
  4. Please ensure you arrive on time at the venue at which your orientation session will take place.

* please note that you will not be permitted to enter the venue ten minutes after the session has begun.
* please also note that you will unable to enter the venue until 30 minutes before the session is due to begin.

Procedures for making a reservation for your orientation session (PDF:563KB)

Prior confirmation of attendance at orientation session

The following points will be checked at the orientation session.
Please ensure you complete these points before attending the session.

  • Proof of identity (Step 1 of the application form)

Log-in to My Page and click on ‘input and editing of application form’. Please check to ensure that there are no errors in the information you have input.
If you have not yet input required data, please ensure you complete all items relating to the proof of identity.
For the items ‘family name’ and ‘given name’ included in Step 1 of the application form, please use the same ‘family name’ and ‘given name’ as stated on the document you are using as your proof of identity.

One of the following documents must be shown as proof of identity.

  • Photograph for Step 1 of the application form

If all conditions regarding photographs have not yet been completed, please obtain a portrait photo of yourself, log-in to My Page and click on ‘input and editing of application form’, and change your photo on the item ‘photo registration and alteration’.

Please see below for image data requirements.
File format: JPG, JPEG, PNG, or BMP
File size: 50KB – 5MB

Items to bring with you on the day of the orientation session

  • Proof of identity selected during registration
  • Writing materials
  • An item that can be used to confirm the barcode displayed on My Page

Schedule for orientation sessions

Dates (all dates are 2019) Prefecture Name of venue
9 Feb to May Tokyo TOKYO SPORTS SQUARE (to be held on five days each week during stated dates)
20–21 April Sapporo, Hokkaido Sapporo Social Welfare Center
4–5 May Rifu, Miyagi Prefecture Rifu Town Office(Pear Pal Rifu)
12–13 May Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture Active senior center
25–26 May Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture Kashima Sports Center
8–9 June Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture Ikiiki Plaza
15–16 June Gotemba City, Shizuoka Prefecture Gotemba Civic Hall
28–30 June Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture Aichi Civil Service Personnel Training Institute
6–7 July Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture Toyama City Gymnasium
12–16 July Osaka Osaka Social Welfare Guidance Center
20–21 July Hiroshima Hiroshima City International House
27–28 July Fukuoka Fukuoka City Hall
  • * Please note that the above-stated schedules may be subject to change
  • * Orientation sessions for persons residing outside of Japan will be conducted by video call between March and July 2019