Frequently Asked Questions


Games volunteer and City volunteers

What is the difference between Games volunteers and City volunteers?
Games volunteers are recruited by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, and will assist with Games operations at Games-related facilities such as Games venues and the Athletes’ Village. City volunteers are recruited by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and other municipal authorities hosting Games competition venues, and will provide assistance to Games spectators and tourists visiting Tokyo at airports, major train stations and popular tourism locations. For further information on City volunteers, please visit the website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and other related municipal authorities hosting Games competition venues.
Tokyo Metropolitan Volunteerism Navigation Website

Period and time of volunteer activity

What happens if the number of competition days at my preferred venue is less than ten days?
Apart from the competition days, it is possible that volunteers will be required to work on venue or competition preparations for a number of days prior to and/or after the competitions.
Do volunteers have to work at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games?
Volunteers can work at either the Olympic or Paralympic Games. Those wishing to work at both events will be required to work at least ten days at each event – a total of 20 or more days.
What is the typical working day of a volunteer?
Including rest breaks and standby times, volunteers will be required to work for 8 hours per day.


Is it possible to apply to become both a Games volunteer and a City volunteer?
Yes, you are free to apply to both. If you are selected to work as a volunteer at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, please ensure that your working days do not overlap.
Are there any age limits for applicants?
All persons born on or before 1 April 2002 are free to apply to become a Games volunteer.
Does ‘residency qualification to stay in Japan’ mean that I will be required to obtain a long-term visa?
'Residency qualification to stay in Japan' is a residency qualification that allows holders to stay in Japan legally. Short-term stay visas are also included in these qualifications.
My English language ability is not very proficient. Will I still be able to apply?
There are several volunteer duties that do not require language skills. We would very much like people with a strong desire to take part in volunteer activities to apply even if they have no confidence in their language abilities.
Many overseas athletes, Games-related personnel and spectators will be visiting Japan for the Games, and we anticipate that many overseas nationals will also be working as volunteers. Accordingly, if you are able to communicate in a foreign language at least a basic conversational level, we believe that you will enjoy your volunteer experience even more.
Is it possible for people with an impairment to apply to become a volunteer?
Yes, we are hoping to recruit as many volunteers as possible, regardless of any impairment. Please note that if a person with an impairment who wishes to apply to become a volunteer also requires a helper or caregiver, that helper/caregiver must submit a separate application to become a volunteer. When completing the application form, please state this fact in the remarks column.
I understand that applicants may select up to three preferred volunteer categories. Will they definitely be assigned to one of these categories?
We will endeavour to match applicants with one of their preferred categories. Please note, however, that this may not always be possible.
Are special qualifications required for any of the volunteer categories / roles?
A regular driving license will be required for some activities in the ‘transportation support’ category. Apart from that, no particular qualifications will be required.
Will previous experience of volunteering at past Games, at the 2019 Rugby World Cup and/or the Tokyo Marathon be taken into account when selecting volunteers?
We would very much like those with previous experience of volunteering at major sporting events to apply.

Orientation and Training

I live on a remote island in Japan, and I would like to know if it would be possible for me to take part in the orientation and training sessions by video call as overseas residents will be doing?
Persons resident in Japan will be required to attend the orientation and training sessions in person at the applicant’s preferred venue selected during the registration process.
I live overseas, and I would like to know if it would be possible to attend the orientation and training sessions personally rather than by video call?
Yes, this will be possible.
Can a Tokyo resident request attendance in orientation and training sessions at a location other than Tokyo?
A request can be made. However, the dates of the orientation and training sessions outside of Tokyo are limited, so in order to make sure that people living outside of Tokyo can attend, we would like to ask that Tokyo residents select a site in Tokyo.
Will volunteers be required to work at Test Events? If so, will this be included in the overall period that volunteers will be required to work?
We are currently considering requesting a number of applicants to perform volunteer duties at Test Events. This will not be included in the set number of days (ten days) that volunteers will be required to work during the Games. Details regarding volunteering activities at Test Events will be informed separately.
Will the orientation and training sessions be conducted in languages other than English?
We plan to conduct these sessions in English and Japanese. If your preferred language is English, please state your request at the orientation registration desk. As to the general training, we will organise sessions in English so please reserve and attend the training session that will be conducted in English.
When and how can I expect to receive the notification about training?
We will send an email to the address given in Step 2 of the application form starting from the end of September 2019. When you receive the email, please follow the instructions for making a reservation on the date and time you prefer.
Will all applicants participate in the orientation?
Not all applicants will participate in the orientation. We will match the applicants’ preferred field and location of activity with the positions available, and only those applicants we have been able to successfully match will be required to attend the orientation.
Will the training take place during weekdays only?
We will set up training sessions on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays as well as during the evening hours on weekdays to offer as much flexibility as possible for the participants.
How can I change my reservation and date for the training session?
Go to “My Page” and follow the instructions given in the Training Reservation Manual

Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer: Orientation and Training (PDF: 609KB)

I will not be able to attend the orientation session.
Every participant who received a notification is required to attend at least one orientation session (about 90 – 120 minutes) in order to experience the ambience of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and to develop a stronger sense of teamwork.
I will not be able to attend the general training session.
Every participant who received a notification is required to attend at least one training session (about three hours) in order to gain the knowledge necessary to carry out their activities and to enjoy the experience. We will conduct a separate training session for overseas residents in June or July 2020.
May I be excused in the middle of the general training session?
In order to fully contribute to the Tokyo 2020 Games, we ask that you attend the entire session from start to finish.
What if I am late for the orientation or training session because the train is delayed or because of some other reason beyond my control?
There is no need to call in, but please beware that no one will be allowed to enter after ten minutes into the session. Please make sure you give yourself ample time to arrive before the start of the session. If you miss the session you reserved, please make another reservation on “My Page”.
I wish to use a day care service while I attend the orientation or training sessions.
Please contact the Tokyo 2020 Field Cast Operation Centre if you require day care service. Please understand that there may be days that we may not be able to provide day care service

Tokyo 2020 Field Cast Operation Centre
Phone: 0570-08-2020 (Navi dial)
(Those using an IP line or calling from overseas: +045-330-3036)
Calls accepted from 9 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.
Email: contact-center(at) volunteer.
(As a measure against spam mail, the email address above is presented in a different form. Please change "(at)" to "@" when emailing your inquiry.)
What is the content of the orientation session?
There will be a lecture, group activities, an interview and confirmation of personal identification. The entire process will take about 90 to 120 minutes.
What is the content of the general training session?
The programme will include a lecture, group activities, discussions, etc. The entire process will take about three hours.
Will orientation participants receive a certificate or some other proof of completion of the orientation?
We have no plan of issuing such a document.
What will happen if identification verification cannot be made at the orientation session?
If identification verification cannot be made, there is a possibility that you will not be allowed to perform your duties during the Games. Please make sure you upload your ID document and register the information required before you come to the orientation. Also do not forget to bring the ID document you registered when you attend the orientation.

For further details please refer to the section "Orientation".
I wish to participate in the orientation session but the participation rate on “My Page” shows 50 per cent.
Each person can participate in the orientation only once. If you reserved more than one session, there is a possibility that the participation rate will not be indicated as 100 per cent, but there is no problem.
Will there be sign language available at the orientation and training sessions?
Some of the sessions that will take place in Tokyo will offer sign language. Please check the schedule and sign up for that date. For sessions outside of Tokyo, please request at the registration desk.
I haven’t received any notice about the e-learning course.
I mistakenly deleted the email about the e-learning course.
We sent an email on 24 October 2019 to all those subject to taking the general training session, notifying them about the e-learning course. Please check your spam mail folder to make sure our email was not dropped in that folder. If you still cannot find our email, please contact the Tokyo 2020 Field Cast Operation Office.
Tokyo 2020 Field Cast Operation Office
<By phone >
Navi dial: 0570-08-2020
From an IP phone or an overseas number: 045-330-3036
(From 9 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. except on weekends, holidays and the New Year holidays)
<By email>
(As a countermeasure for spam mail, the address has been partially altered. Please replace “(at)” with “@”.
I forgot my e-learning password. Could you issue a new one for me?
Go to the e-learning log-in page and click “Forgot your password?
Click here for help”. Enter your user ID and click “Contact”.
Until when will the e-learning course take place?
You are required to take the e-learning course by the end of March. The content can be viewed after the e-learning course expires in March.
When will the e-learning courses be released in the future?
The second release is scheduled in mid-December. Future releases will be announced in due course.
Do I have to take the e-learning course?
We ask that you take the e-learning course because you will gain basic knowledge that you will need in order to fulfill your role, and the information will help you enjoy your experience to the fullest.


When will I receive the notification about the matching results or the general traning session?
We will email the result and information to the email address you registered in Step 2 of the application form by the end of September 2019.
Also, the status column on your ""My Page"" will reflect the status change.
How was the matching done?
We carefully compared and matched the 80,000 available positions with the preferences (volunteer role, location, etc.) of each applicant provided to us on the application form.
We are not in a position to reveal the matching details.
I haven't received any contact since I sent in my application (or since I attended the orientation).
Those applicants whose preferences could not be matched with any available position will be informed by email and on their ""My Page"" around the middle of September .
Applicants who should participate in the joint traning session will be informed by email and on their ""My Page"" at the end of September.
※Those who haven't completed their application registration process will be informed on their ""My Page"" around the end of September.
Is there a way to confirm my current status?
You can check your current status on the "My Status" column on "My Page".
1. If your status shows "Unmatced": There was an overwhelming response to the volunteer programme, and we unfortunately were not able to match your preferences with any available volunteer position.
2. If your status shows "Withdrawn": This means that you have chosen to withdraw.
3. If your status indicated is other than “Unmatched” or “Withdrawn”: You may have already received an invitation to the general training session. Please check by accessing “My Activity” on “My Page”.

For those of you who have not received the invitation to the general training session although your status in "My Status" from October 2019 onwards does not show "Unmatched" or "Withdrawn", please contact the Tokyo 2020 Field Cast Operation Office.

<Inquiries by phone>
Navi dial 0570-08-2020(Call 045-330-3036 from an IP phone or if you are calling from overseas)
Inquiries received from 9 am to 5:45 pm (except on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and during the year end/New Year holiday)
<Inquires by email>
As a measure against spam mail, the email address above is presented in a different form. Please change "(at)" to "@" when emailing your inquiry.

Completing your online application

Can I change my MyPage log-in ID?
No, you cannot change your MyPage log-in ID. Please also note that if you registered using your Google, Facebook or LINE account, you will be able to log in only through the same account that you used for registration.
The system is indicating an error when I try to submit my completed application. What should I do?
If there is an issue with any of the data you input when you try to submit your application, an alert will appear in the bottom right of the screen and the item(s) needing attention will be highlighted in red. Please edit the highlighted section(s).
Which fields are mandatory?
All fields highlighted in yellow are mandatory.
If you have Japanese nationality, “Your Name” in the STEP 1 section is also required.
I cannot save my photo.
Please ensure your photo meets the following specifications:
File format: JPG, JPEG, PNG or BMP
File size: 50KB – 5MB
I couldn’t change the photo I registered.
You can change your photo on MyPage.
Go to MyPage and select “input and editing of application form”.
You can change your photo form Step 1 of the application form, “photo registration and alteration”.
Is there a way to check the photo I registered?
You can check the photo you registered through the “The TOKYO2020 Field Cast Photo Check Helpdesk” at: photocheck(at)
The email address has been altered as a measure against spam mail. Please replace “(at)” with “@”.

After you have registered your photo in Step 1 of the application form, fill in your registration number and name (in English alphabet, all caps, half-width characters) in the text box.
Registration number: 1234567

The photo on your application form will be checked, so please do not attach any photos to the email.

Before you send in your inquiry, first check the content in Prior confirmation of attendance at orientation session / Digital Photograph Specifications.
Can I change the display and input language?
You can select either Japanese or English by clicking the British or Japanese flag icons at the top of each page.
I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
Please click the “Forgot password” link at the bottom left of the log in screen and follow the instructions to reset your password.
I cannot create a password.
Your password must be at least 9 characters long and include an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter and a number.
Can I amend the information I provided once my application has been submitted?
In principle this is not possible. Only certain items under “Basic Information” and “Contact Details” can be amended:

Step 1 – Basic Information.
* You cannot amend data entered under “Concern” and “Support”.
* After you receive details of your role and area of volunteer activity (scheduled for notification in March 2020), you will not be able to amend your basic information.

Step 2 – Contact Details
* You may amend your contact e-mail address; however, you will need to re-verify the updated address.
* You can amend only your contact email address; the email address you used as your ID at the time of initial registration cannot be changed.
Can I change my ID – the email address I used at the time of registration?
You cannot change this. Please keep your ID safe.
I forgot my ID.
If you forget your ID, you will not be able to log in to your “My Page” – it will be necessary to completely re-register. Information saved as part of your previous application will not accessible in any new application; it will be necessary to re-enter all data.
I have not received an email after requesting a password reset.
Please confirm that you entered your correct login ID (email address).
I have not received an email after submitting my application.
Please check the following:
- ensure you entered the correct contact email address.
- confirm all information was entered correctly (including the use of half-width characters) and make any necessary corrections.
- if you are using a mobile phone email address, depending on the mail settings incoming mail may be blocked or diverted to a spam folder. Please check the settings and adjust if appropriate. Emails will be sent from this e-mail address:
How can I confirm if my application has been correctly completed?
You can check it in the section “My Status” in “My Page”; if everything is in order, this will show “Application Completed”.

About the items you will receive

Please provide further details on the ¥1,000 per day travel expenses.
We are currently considering providing volunteers with a pre-paid travel card.
Will the ¥1,000 per day be provided to both volunteers who reside in the Tokyo area and those who reside outside the Tokyo area?
All volunteers will receive a flat fee of ¥1,000 per day regardless of their place of residence.
What about accommodation arrangements during the period I volunteer?
As we specified in the Games Volunteer Application Guidelines, all volunteers are responsible for arranging and paying for any accommodation they may require. For your reference, the page below provides information regarding accommodations for spectators which you may find useful.
Overseas Spectators
Will volunteers receive a certificate of completion of the volunteer activity?
We have no plan of issuing such a document.

Other inquiries

Please provide details about insurance arrangements (applicable age, exactly what does the insurance cover, and whether the volunteer will be required to pay the insurance premium)?
The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee will arrange insurance that will cover all volunteers during their working hours (hours during which they engaged in volunteer activities). Volunteers will not be required to pay the premium for this insurance. We are currently examining the optimum insurance policy to ensure the safety and peace of mind of all volunteers.
Would you tell me about Volunteer Strategy for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020?
The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government have put together a collection of basic concepts which will guide the recruitment and training of volunteers for the Tokyo 2020 Games. You can access it via the following link:

Volunteer Strategy for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 (PDF: 1.2 MB)

Can I make an inquiry by email?
Yes, the Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer Office accepts email inquiries.

Email address: contact-center(at)
*The email address indicated above is altered as a measure against junk mail.Please replace (at) with @ when contacting us via email.

Do I have to be 18 or older to serve as a volunteer?
Games Volunteers must be born on or before 1 April 2002. Anyone who has not reached the age of 18 on 31 March 2020 is not eligible.
We plan to offer an opportunity for those who are 17 or younger to participate in other ways, such as serving as an escort kid. Details will be announced as soon as they become available.
How many days prior to the Games must overseas volunteers arrive in Japan?
We will inform volunteers resident overseas of their volunteer schedules and the schedules for training sessions separately. We will strive to ensure that volunteers resident overseas are able to conduct their volunteer duties smoothly.
What kind of heat countermeasures is the Organising Committee currently considering?
We are currently examining a variety of heat countermeasures for all Tokyo 2020 Games-related staff including volunteers. These measures include implementing a management system to ensure all personnel are provided with rest periods commensurate with the type of volunteer activity being performed and the venue at which they are based; the provision of uniforms designed with heat factors in mind; and ensuring volunteers are able to take on sufficient amounts of water and remain hydrated throughout their shift.