Volunteers are "the face" of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020,
and the success of the Games depends on your contribution!
We welcome the participation of people with the passion to contribute to the success of the Games,
people who wish to experience the event operation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games held in their own country, and people who want to help spread the excitement of the Tokyo 2020 Games!

Thank you to everyone who applied.
We are currently informing those applicants whose preferences did not match any of the available volunteer positions about the result via email and on “My Page”. Those who should take the general training session will be informed at the end of September via email and on “My Page”.
※Those who have not completed their application registration will receive neither notification.
※The FAQ has been updated to include Q&As about the volunteer matching process.

The Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer “My Page” is currently experiencing high levels of access.
It may not be possible to log in at certain times of day.
We apologize for any inconvenience.​

Log-in to ‘My Page’ for Games volunteers

※ We will be conducting input support for those with special accessibility needs until 17:00 on 18 January 2019 (JST)

>Tokyo 2020 Volunteer Programme – Support for Users with a Visual Impairment from Today

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