Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Torch Relay Route Saitama Prefecture

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Torch Relayルート 埼玉県Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Torch Relayルート 埼玉県

※ The scale in the map may not accurately reflect the actual distances.

20 August 2020

Municipalities hosting Regional Flame Celebrations

Hanno City, Hanyu City, Ina Town, Moroyama Town, Ogose Town, Ogawa Town, Yoshimi Town, Hatoyama Town, Tokigawa Town, Yokose Town, Ogano Town, Higashi Chichibu village, Misato Town, Kamikawa Town, Kamisato Town, Yorii Town, Matsubushi Town

  • A city coming together under a single prefectural flame.

    Saitama City

  • Torch Relay Route

    Satte City, Hasuda City, Shiraoka City, Kawajima Town, Iruma City, Asaka City

  • Departure Ceremony

    Asaka City

* The relay route, the municipalities where the torch relay will travel through and their order, the place of Flame Celebration and other information provided above are subject to change.

Places of Interest

  • Keyaki Hiroba (Saitama City)

    Keyaki Hiroba (Saitama City)    埼玉県提供

  • Flames from local flame-lighting celebrations that will take place at 17 locations in the prefecture will come together in Saitama City to form the flame for Saitama Prefecture. The torch relay in Saitama will start from Satte City, travelling through Hasuda City, Shiraoka City, Kawashima Town and Iruma City, and will end in Asaka City, which will be the venue for Paralympic shooting. After that the flame will depart for Tokyo.