Shizuoka24-26 Jun. 2020

Places of interest

Shizuoka City ・Suruga Bay and Mt.Fuji
Shizuoka City ・Suruga Bay and Mt.Fuji
Izunokuni City・ World Heritage Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace and Mt.Fuji
Izunokuni City・ World Heritage Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace and Mt.Fuji

The Torch Relay in Shizuoka will take off one month before the Opening Ceremony in the city of Kosai and will journey through the western area of the prefecture, making its way to the city of Shizuoka where a celebration will take place at the end of the first day. On the second day, the Torch Relay will leave from the city of Makinohara, travelling across the central part of the prefecture, arriving in the city of Numazu for a celebration. On the third day, the anniversary day of the world heritage registration of Mt. Fuji, the Torch Relay will start from the city of Ito, travelling through the eastern area of Izu, and end in the city of Fujinomiya.

The highlights of the Torch Relay in Shizuoka will include: Suruga Bay, Japan’s deepest bay, with the scenic beauty of Mt. Fuji and the tea plantations as its backdrop; the Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport, the gateway to the world, and the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Centre; the world heritage site Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace, the only furnace of this kind remaining in Japan; and Perry Road, celebrating Commodore Perry of the US Navy who played a leading role in opening Japan to the West.



DAY124 Jun.

  • Kosai City
  • Hamamatsu City
  • Iwata City
  • Fukuroi City
  • Kakegawa City
  • Shimada City
  • Shizuoka City

Celebration site:Shizuoka City

DAY225 Jun.

  • Makinohara City
  • Fujieda City
  • Yaizu City
  • Shizuoka City
  • Fuji City
  • Nagaizumi Town
  • Mishima City
  • Numazu City

Celebration site:Numazu City

DAY326 Jun.

  • Ito City
  • Shimoda City
  • Izunokuni City
  • Susono City
  • Oyama Town
  • Gotemba City
  • Izu City
  • Fujinomiya City

Celebration site:Fujinomiya City

The relay route, the municipalities where the torch relay will travel through and their order, the celebration site and other information provided above (especially the order of the municipalities the torch relay will visit) are subject to change.