Miyagi20-22 Jun. 2020

Places of interest

Matsushima Town・Matsushima
Matsushima Town・Matsushima
Iwanuma City・ Millennium Hope Hills
Iwanuma City・ Millennium Hope Hills

The Torch Relay in Miyagi will start in the north-eastern city of Kesennuma and will arrive at the town of Onagawa on the first day, the town of Rifu on the second day and the city of Sendai on the third day, where a celebration will take place at the end of each day.

The highlights of the Torch Relay in Miyagi will include: the San-san shopping street in the town of Minamisanriku that opened five years after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami; Matsushima, one of the three most scenic spots of Japan, with some 260 islands creating a unique beauty; and the Millennium Hope Hills in the city of Iwanuma, home to the memorial park of recovery. The Torch Relay route will showcase the areas along the coast that were devasted by the earthquake and tsunami, introducing the recovery work done to this day as well as the charm of Miyagi.



DAY120 Jun.

  • Kesennuma City
  • Minamisanriku Town
  • Ishinomaki City
  • Onagawa Town

Celebration site:Onagawa Town

DAY221 Jun.

  • Higashimatsushima City
  • Matsushima Town
  • Shiogama City
  • Shichigahama Town
  • Tagajo City
  • Ohira Village
  • Rifu Town

Celebration site:Rifu Town

DAY322 Jun.

  • Yamamoto Town
  • Watari Town
  • Iwanuma City
  • Natori City
  • Sendai City

Celebration site:Sendai City

The relay route, the municipalities where the torch relay will travel through and their order, the celebration site and other information provided above (especially the order of the municipalities the torch relay will visit) are subject to change.