Shiga28-29 May 2020

Places of interest

Omihachiman City・Hachiman-bori Canal
Omihachiman City・Hachiman-bori Canal
Hikone City・ Hikone Castle
Hikone City・ Hikone Castle

The Torch Relay in Shiga will start in the city of Takashima, and will journey through the southern area of the prefecture, making its way to the city of Otsu where a celebration will take place at the end of the first day. On the second day, the Torch Relay will leave from the city of Koka, travelling across the central and Northeastern part of the prefecture, arriving in the city of Nagahama for a celebration.

The highlights of the Torch Relay in Shiga will include: the beautiful row of tender green metasequoia trees in the city of Takashima; the Hachiman-bori area in the city of Omihachiman, often used as a shooting site for period dramas; Hikone Castle in the city of Hikone where numerous important cultural properties such as the castle tower can be found.



DAY128 May

  • Takashima City
  • Moriyama City
  • Yasu City
  • Omihachiman City
  • Ryuo Town
  • Konan City
  • Ritto City
  • Kusatsu City
  • Otsu City

Celebration site:Otsu City

DAY229 May

  • Koka City
  • Hino Town
  • Higashiomi City
  • Aisho Town
  • Toyosato Town
  • Kora Town
  • Taga Town
  • Hikone City
  • Maibara City
  • Nagahama City

Celebration site:Nagahama City

The relay route, the municipalities where the torch relay will travel through and their order, the celebration site and other information provided above (especially the order of the municipalities the torch relay will visit) are subject to change.