Mie8-9 Apr. 2020

Places of interest

Ise City・ Ise Jingu Ujibashi Bridge
Ise City・ Ise Jingu Ujibashi Bridge
Iga City・ Iga Ninja
Iga City・ Iga Ninja

The Torch Relay in Mie will start in the city of Yokkaichi and will journey through the central south area of the prefecture, making its way to the city of Ise where a celebration will take place at the end of the first day. On the second day, the Torch Relay will leave from the city of Iga, travelling across the southern part of the prefecture, arriving in the city of Kumano for a celebration.

The highlights of the Torch Relay in Mie will include: Ise Jingu Shrine in the city of Ise, embracing Japan’s 2,000-year history and culture; Ueno Park in the city of Iga, offering first-hand experience of Iga-style ninja art and the popular ninja art demonstration shows; the magnificent nature reflected in the 48 waterfalls of Akame in the city of Nabari; the city of Matsuzaka, retaining the merchant mansions and streetscapes of the Edo Period; and the world heritage site, Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes, including the Ise-ji route in the town of Kihoku.



DAY18 Apr.

  • Yokkaichi City
  • Suzuka City
  • Kameyama City
  • Tsu City
  • Toba City
  • Ise City

Celebration site:Ise City

DAY29 Apr.

  • Iga City
  • Nabari City
  • Matsusaka City
  • Taiki Town
  • Kihoku Town
  • Kumano City

Celebration site:Kumano City

The relay route, the municipalities where the torch relay will travel through and their order, the celebration site and other information provided above (especially the order of the municipalities the torch relay will visit) are subject to change.