Fukushima26-28 Mar. 2020

Places of interest

Minamisoma City・ THE SOMA NOMAOI
Minamisoma City・ THE SOMA NOMAOI
Shimogo Town・Ouchi-juku
Shimogo Town・Ouchi-juku

The Grand Start of the Torch Relay in Japan will commence at Fukushima’s symbol of reconstruction, the J-Village National Training Centre, and will journey through the seaside towns and villages that have steadily recovered, travelling across the entire prefecture of Fukushima.

The highlights of the Torch Relay in Fukushima will include: the festival ground of Hibarigahara, the main site of “THE SOMA NOMAOI” wild horse chase festival in the city of Minamisoma; the town of Mishima, featuring the scenic Tadami River and the Daiichi Tadamigawa Bridge on the Tadami railway line; the traditional post station of Ouchi-juku in the town of Shimogo, a popular destination among international tourists; and Tsurugajo Castle, the symbol of the city of Aizuwakamatsu.



DAY126 Mar.

  • Naraha Town
  • Hirono Town
  • Iwaki City
  • Kawauchi Village
  • Tomioka Town
  • Okuma Town
  • Katsurao Village
  • Namie Town
  • Minamisoma City

Celebration site:Minamisoma City

DAY227 Mar.

  • Soma City
  • Shinchi Town
  • Iitate Village
  • Kawamata Town
  • Fukushima City
  • Inawashiro Town
  • Kitakata City
  • Mishima Town
  • Aizuwakamatsu City

Celebration site:Aizuwakamatsu City

DAY328 Mar.

  • Minamiaizu Town
  • Shimogo Town
  • Shirakawa City
  • Sukagawa City
  • Tamura City
  • Motomiya City
  • Koriyama City

Celebration site:Koriyama City

The relay route, the municipalities where the torch relay will travel through and their order, the celebration site and other information provided above (especially the order of the municipalities the torch relay will visit) are subject to change.