Mascot Candidates B

Mascot Candidates B Olympic Mascot

[ Olympic Mascot ]

The Olympic Mascot is a character born from the fire that warms Japan. The models for the Mascot are the Lucky cat and the Inari fox, which are regarded as symbols of luck in Japan. The Mascot can run so fast that it can create valleys and rivers when it traverses the land. The Mascot is usually running around, however, it also loves to take naps underneath the sunlight. It expresses the excitement of traditional Japanese festivals, and gives happy energy to people by touching them with its tail.

Mascot Candidates B Paralympic Mascot

[ Paralympic Mascot ]

The Paralympic Mascot is a character born from the wind that brings different seasons to Japan. The Mascot’s model is a guardian dog that is a popular fixture at shrines. To express emotions, the Mascot’s mane can send out different objects such as cherry blossom petals, snow, autumn leaves, lightning bolts and thunder along with seasonal winds. It can send the spring wind, and can also make flowers bloom on a dead tree. With its light body, the Mascot loves flying in the sky and expressing each season’s charm.

[ Relationship between Olympic Mascot and Paralympic Mascot ]

The Olympic Mascot and Paralympic Mascot were born in different places and look very different, however they are best friends and good rivals. They compete on the Japanese soil and in the sky, and they both take each other to a higher level.