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MIRAITOWATokyo 2020 Olympic Games mascot

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games mascot has the same indigo blue ichimatsu-patterns as the Tokyo 2020 Games Emblem on its head and body. The mascot's personality is derived from a traditional Japanese proverb that means to learn old things well and to acquire new knowledge from them. The mascot has both an old-fashioned aspect that respects tradition and an innovative aspect that is in tune with cutting-edge information. It has a strong sense of justice, and is very athletic. The mascot's special ability is to be able to move anywhere instantly.

<Origin of the name>
The name MIRAITOWA is based on the Japanese words "Mirai"(future) and "towa" (eternity) connected together. This name was chosen for the Olympic mascot to promote a future full of hope forever, in the hearts of all the people in the world.

SOMEITYTokyo 2020 Paralympic Games mascot

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games mascot is a cool character with cherry blossom tactile sensors and super powers. It can send and receive telepathy using the cherry blossom antennae on both sides of its face. It can also fly using its ichimatsu-pattern cloak. It is usually quiet, but it can demonstrate great power when necessary. It embodies Paralympic athletes that demonstrate superhuman power. It has a dignified inner strength and it also loves nature. It can talk to stones and wind by using its super power, and also is able to move things by just looking at them.

<Origin of the name>
The name SOMEITY comes from "Someiyoshino", a popular cherry blossom variety, and the phrase "so mighty". Someity has cherry blossom tactile sensors, and can show enormous mental and physical strength. The mascot represents Paralympic athletes who overcome obstacles and redefine the boundaries of possibility.

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