“Make The Beat!”
It’s a universal cheer everyone in the world can join through social media.
The video you post could be on the big screen at competition venues.
Your 2020beat will charge the Tokyo 2020 Games with excitement!
So what are you waiting for?

  • Take a selfie video!Take a selfie video!
    Take a selfie video! image

    Take a video of yourself to the 2020beat.

  • Post!Post!
    Post! image

    Post the video on social media with
    the hashtag #2020beat.

  • Posts will be connected!Posts will be connected!
    Posts will be connected! images

    One video will be created from everyone’s posts.

  • Find yourself in the videos!Find yourself in the videos!
    Find yourself in the videos! image

    Your video might be shown on the big screen at venues!

available SNS
  • facebook
  • instagram
  • twitter
  • douyin
  • weibo

Please follow the terms and conditions of each platform.

Sample movie
    Usage of 2020beatUsage of 2020beat

    The 2020beat gives everyone has a chance to energise the Tokyo 2020 Games.
    You can perform to the original 2020beat, or arrange your own 2020beat to perform however you like.
    You can post your recording to social media, as long as it isn’t ambush marketing.

    • For individual users

      Please read the usage terms and conditions first and follow the guidelines for the usages of 2020beat. The original 2020beat is available on the official Tokyo 2020 account for each social media platform.

      Coming soon
    • For companies and associates.

      Please fill out the application for use of the 2020beat in advance. The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee will provide music data and sheet music after approval.

      Coming soon

    As soon as preparations are complete, the 2020beat Terms of Use and Usage Application Form will be released.