Co-hosted Programmes

In addition to programmes presented by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, the TOKYO 2020 NIPPON FESTIVAL will include co-hosted programmes held in collaboration with local governments and cultural/arts groups nationwide.

By presenting special cultural events representative of Japan in conjunction with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in the form of the TOKYO 2020 NIPPON FESTIVAL, which is an official cultural programme of the Tokyo 2020 Games, co-hosted programmes aim to strongly disseminate Japan’s proud culture and performing arts both inside and outside Japan.

  • 3/29SUN
  • -
  • 3/30MON


Venue:Tochigi-ken Sogo Bunka Centre

Host:Tochigi Prefecture

Tochigi Culture Festival 2020
Tochigi Prefecture Cultural Center Post Renovation Pre-Opening Gala

In order to boost the momentum towards the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, the Tochigi Culture Festival 2020 will be held in coordination with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay, which is scheduled to pass through Tochigi Prefecture in late March 2020. The programme features the Calling Tochigi Band & Orchestra Festival on Sunday, 29 March and Feel TOCHIGI♡ at the Theatre on Monday, 30 March.

  • 4/25SAT
  • -
  • 5/10SUN


Venue:Special Exhibition Hall (1E), The National Art Center(Tokyo)

Hosts:Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Commemorative Calligraphy Exhibition Executive Committee, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Arts Council

Nature in Japan and the Spirit of “Sho” “200 Selected Works by Japanese Calligraphers—in commemoration of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games”

Celebrating the Olympics and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, this event will offer a comprehensive exhibition of calligraphic works by about 200 of Japan’s prominent calligraphers, persons with impairments and children to demonstrate how calligraphy culture—a traditional Japanese cultural form—remains alive and well in modern times. The exhibition also includes video screenings of calligraphers also includes video screenings of calligraphers to deepen understanding of calligraphy among foreign visitors to Japan.

  • May
  • -
  • Sep


Venues:A number of locations in Nagano Prefecture, including prefectural cultural halls, municipal cultural halls and museums, private Art-in-Residence facilities, art spaces, schools, welfare facilities, etc.

Organisers:Nagano Prefecture, Nagano Prefectural Agency for Cultural Promotion, Nagano Prefectural Art Cultural Association, Nagano Prefecture Board of Education, Nagano Zawameki Art 2020 Executive Committee (tentative)

SHINSHU ART RINGS: Connected by Culture, Creating Culture, and Building a Brighter Future

Shinshu Art Rings is an art event showcasing the fascinating culture of Nagano through a variety of art performances. It includes concerts by Kobayashi Kenichiro of the Nagano Prefectural Artistic Supervisory Team, theatrical performances by Kushida Kazuyoshi, as well as an exhibition by artists in the Art-in-Residence programme highlighting the nature of Nagano, and modern art exhibitions by artists closely connected to Nagano. There will also be an exhibition of artwork by people with impairments, inspired by the Nagano 1998 Winter Games, and demonstrations of traditional performing arts with groups from all over Nagano in Hakuba Village.

  • 5/2SAT
  • -
  • 5/5TUE


(It's a schedule.)

Venue:Sumpu Castle Park(Shizuoka)

Host:The Committee of the Open-air Performing Arts Festival under Mt. Fuji

Festival d’Avignon (2017)Shizuoka Performing Arts Center ANTIGONE directed by Satoshi Miyagi
© Christophe Raynaud de Lage

Mt. Fuji World Theatre Festival Shizuoka, featuring SPAC/MIYAGI Satoshi

The world active theatre company, Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC), will present its masterpiece “Antigone” directed by Satoshi Miyagi, on a special outdoor stage at Sumpu Castle Park, located in the centre of Shizuoka City. This acclaimed production had its premiere at the Festival d’Avignon in 2017 and was part of the “Japan 2019” programme which was held in New York City in the spring of 2019. In cooperation with the World Theatre Festival Shizuoka and Street Theatre Festival “Strange Seed Shizuoka”, Shizuoka will welcome visitors from all over the world as a festival city centred on the performing arts.

  • 5/10SUN


Venues:Toyosuna Park, Aeon Mall Makuhari New City outdoor stage(Chiba)

Host:Executive Committee of the YOUSOROU with a Thousand Project

YOUSOROU (Keep her Steady) with a Thousand Project “A Thousand Beats from Chiba: One thousand people beating a wadaiko together in 2020”

Children, adults, visitors from abroad, people with an impairment… Anyone can participate in this cultural programme and everyone can achieve their “personal best”. Traditional Japanese performing arts featuring wadaiko (Japanese drum), shinobue (Japanese bamboo flute) and dance will be performed together by 1,000 performers to the music of “Yousorou”, a song written to encourage the revival of the areas damaged by the earthquake and tsunami. Power and courage will be delivered from Chiba and carried on to the future.

  • 5/23SAT
  • -
  • 5/31SUN


Venues:Otsu City venue - Omi-jingu Shrine(Shiga); Awara City venue - Seifuso(Fukui); Bunkyo City venues - Bunkyo Civic Center, Kodokan(Tokyo)

Hosts:All Japan Karuta Association, Otsu City, Awara City, Bunkyo City

“Ogura Hyakunin-isshu” International Karuta Festival 2020

In the lead up to the Tokyo 2020 Games, competitive Karuta—Japan’s traditional card game—events will be held by the All Japan Karuta Association in conjunctions with three cities with deep connections to competitive Karuta—Tokyo’s Bunkyo City, Otsu City and Awara City. Through events such as the World Championship Tournament of Competitive Karuta, barrier-free Karuta tournaments for the visually impaired and Karuta experience events for beginners, the charm and attractions of the “Ogura hyakunin-isshu (Anthology of One Hundred Tanka by One Hundred Poets)” and competitive Karuta will be introduced to a broad range of people of all ages.

  • 6/21SUN


Venue:Chiba Prefectural Cultural Hall(Chiba)

Host:Chiba Prefectural Government

Chiba Citizen's Music Festival “Resonate Around the World! Harmony Created by Everyone” A Journey to the World of Music, Vol.3

A concert everyone can take part in. People work together to create the stage, regardless of age or whether they have an impairment or not. Amateur musicians and local groups in the area will be recruited, and they will perform alongside the Chiba Symphony Orchestra and other professional musicians. The audience will be able to enjoy a wide variety of performances, including an orchestra, a chorus, a dance as well as a musical performance by a group of people with an impairment.

  • 6/24WED
  • -
  • 6/27SAT


Venue:Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, outdoor venue (in Tokyo)

Host:Spring Festival in Tokyo Executive Committee

© Stefan Hoederath

Spring Festival in Tokyo Special Concert Berliner Philharmoniker in Tokyo 2020

This special concert celebrating the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be performed by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Under the direction of Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel, who has played a pivotal part in the realisation that "Music has no borders,“ the orchestra will perform a programme embodying the celebratory spirit of the Tokyo 2020 Games, and prayers will be offered for disaster reconstruction and peace. This outdoor performance will be the largest event of its kind to be held in Tokyo and aims to create a space where people of all ages can relax and enjoy themselves, by unifying audiences and performers through music.

  • Jul
  • -
  • Sep


Venue:National Noh Theatre(Tokyo)

Hosts:The Nohgaku Performers’ Association, Japan Nohgaku Organization

THE NOHGAKU FESTIVAL in the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020

Inspired by the Olympic Noh Festival held during the previous Olympic Games, THE NOHGAKU FESTIVAL in the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be a Nohgaku festival on an unprecedented scale, bringing together heads of the various Noh schools and living national treasures. The National Noh Theatre will be revitalised as a new innovation space with eyes on the next generation where audiences can experience the richness and depth of Japanese culture and share emotional and moving experiences with a wide range of people through Nohgaku drama.

  • 7/4SAT
  • -
  • 7/7TUE


Venue:Nakano Zero Hall(Tokyo)

Host:Mahabharata Executive Committee

“MAHABHARATA: Chapter of Desire/Chapter of Destruction”

mixture of physical expressions, multiple languages, music and media art performed by artists from six Asian countries. The performance will present a rich expression born from ‘a harmony of differences” and suggests how an inclusive society of the future can be shaped. All people regardless of language, nationality or age will be able to enjoy this unique production.

  • 7/18SAT
  • -
  • 7/19SUN


Venue:Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple(Tokyo)

Host:Connect & Hope for World Peace @ TOKYO 2020 Executive Committee

Connect & Hope for World Peace @ TOKYO 2020

This event brings together leaders of various religions, peace activists, cultural leaders, and artists invited from around the world to pray for world peace and the success of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games before the Games begin. Participating members of the general public will have opportunities to experience cultures from around the world and think about cultural diversity and peace while deepening exchange and mutual understanding with other participants. We look forward to welcoming many participants to this culturally enriching experience.

  • 7/19SUN


Venue:Meiji Shrine Nishisando Yabusame Riding Course(Tokyo)

Host:The Japan Equestrian Archery Association

Yabusame Ceremony to Ensure the Success and Safety of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020
19 July 2020

During Yabusame (horseback archery) rituals, people pray for the peace of the nation and the welfare of the people. A special yabusame event is being held to pray for the safety of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. The yabusame rituals performed by The Japan Equestrian Archery Association are a traditional event dating from the Kamakura Period (1185–1333), and riding techniques have been honed and tailored to modern-day horses, enabling riders to shoot arrows even while riding at speed on temperamental horses. Be amazed by the power and skill of yabusame and join us in making this a truly exciting event.

  • 7/25SAT


(Some exhibits will be on display from 7/24)

Venue:ACROS Fukuoka Symphony Hall Seminar Rooms Foyer Gallery(Fukuoka)

Host:Fukuoka Japanese Culture Promenade Executive Committee

Fukuoka Cultural Promenade: World Wadaiko (Japanese Drums) Festival

Wadaiko drumming has gained in popularity worldwide, welcoming everyone without regard for impairment or nationality. This event combines a U-18 performance and international wadaiko festival.
At the same event, the Fukuoka Prefecture Arts and Culture Federation will present Japanese culture such as traditional Japanese dance, the tea ceremony and flower arranging, thereby providing those in Fukuoka opportunities to experience traditional Japanese culture.

  • 7/26SUN
  • ,
  • 8/1SAT
  • ,
  • 29SAT

  • 8/31MON
  • ,
  • 9/13SUN


Venues:National Noh Theatre, Kita Noh Theatre(Tokyo)

Hosts:Shinagawa City, Totto Foundation Japanese Theater of the Deaf, Roppeita XIV Commemorative Foundation, Agency for Cultural Affairs

Inclusive Nippon “2020 Noh and Kyogen Special Performance from Shinagawa City”

Five special noh and kyogen programmes will be presented by two organisations from the city of Shinagawa that have been conducting unique noh-related activities. The goal of achieving an inclusive society where all people regardless of age, nationality or whether they have an impairment or not can get together, share precious moments, and discover new values. The potential of noh, a traditional performing art Japan proudly presents to the world, will be delivered from Shinagawa to the rest of the world.

  • 8/23SUN


Venue:Shinjuku Bunka Center(Tokyo)

Host:NPO Japan Kocarina Association

Tokyo 2020 Kocarina Concert
~Children play wooden ocarina flutes (Kocarina) made of National Stadium trees

Timber from trees that were felled for the construction of the New National Stadium was used to create 4,000 Kocarina (wooden ocarina flutes); these flutes will be played in a performance by children from Tokyo, Fukushima and other regions. The felled trees will play their part during Tokyo 2020 Games as the sonorous tones of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 “Ode to Joy” reverberate throughout the hall.

  • 8/29SAT
  • -
  • 8/30SUN


Venue:Suginami Koukaidou Concert Hall(Tokyo)

Host:Japan Phil Suginami Concert Series Secretariat


Anthem Project 2020 in Suginami

To celebrate the Olympics and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra (Conductor: Kazuki Yamada) and The Philharmonic Chorus of Tokyo will perform the national anthems and popular songs of various countries. Workshops where participants make borderless music will also be conducted. Just as the performances of the athletes will thrill and excite people around the world, this event will show the diversity of the world and unite people through the power of music

  • 8/30SUN
  • -
  • 11/1SUN


Venue:Uwasekigata Park(Niigata)

Host:Niigata City

Wara Art Festival 2020

Rice farming symbolizes the region of Niigata. A secondary product of rice farming is INA-WARA (“rice straw”), and enormous WARA-ART sculptures made from rice straw will be crafted and exhibited with the cooperation of art university students and local residents. Artworks by people with impairments and collaborative works with manga and anime will also be shown with the aim of broadly disseminating Japanese culture as well as generating exchanges among people from different backgrounds.