One year to go to the Tokyo 2020 Games!

The Games are coming. One year from now, Japan will be consumed in a wave of unbelievable passion and excitement never experienced before.
Since the Olympic and Paralympic flags were handed over from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo,
so many people found a connection with the Tokyo 2020 Games and countless episodes were born.
Let’s look back at the path we’ve taken so far and see where we stand today, one year from the Games.

1 Year to Go! Tokyo 2020

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals

  • Miraitowa’s Olympic Sports Journey

  • Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 Venues

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch

  • Tokyo 2020 NIPPON FESTIVAL concept

  • The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 sport pictograms

  • The venues are nearly ready!

  • The schedule is being finalised!

  • Five thrilling new sports!

  • Miraitowa & Someity Mascots Debut

  • Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018

  • 1000days to go!

  • OneTeamProject "3 Years to Go" Kabuki-style greeting

  • TOKYO 2020 Medal Project

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Flag and Paralympic Flag Tour

  • Rio 2016 Games Medallist Parade

  • Behind the Scenes of Olympic Games Rio 2016 Flag Handover Ceremony

  • Olympic Games Rio 2016

  • Tokyo 2020 Venue Introduction

  • Tokyo 2020 Emblems Concept Video