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20 Aug.

Places of interest in Tokyo

The Paralympic Flame Festival in Tokyo will feature a flame-lighting celebration in all 62 municipalities, fueling energy and excitement to the Paralympic Torch Relay from all corners of Tokyo toward the Paralympic Games.

Regional flame celebration

Date City Venue
Aug. 20 Chiyoda City Kudanshita Machikado Square
Aug. 20 Chuo City TBD
Aug. 20 Minato City Minato City Shiba Park
Aug. 20 Shinjuku City Shinjuku City Office Main Building
Aug. 20 Bunkyo City TBD
Aug. 20 Taito City TBD
Aug. 20 Sumida City Kobokan Community Center
Aug. 20 Koto City TBD
Aug. 20 Shinagawa City TBD
Aug. 20 Meguro City Meguro City Office Complex
Aug. 20 Ota City Ota City Office
Aug. 20 Setagaya City TBD
Aug. 20 Shibuya City Welfare Center for Persons with Disabilities
Aug. 20 Nakano City TBD
Aug. 20 Suginami City Seibi School for Disabled Children
Kamiigusa Sports Center
Za Koenji Public Theater (Suginami Art Hall)
Monument of an Aurora
Aug. 20 Toshima City Toshima Midori no Bosai Park
Aug. 20 Kita City Asukayama Park (Asukayama Monument)
Aug. 20 Arakawa City Arakawa sogo sports center
Aug. 20 Itabashi City Itabashi City Office
Aug. 20 Nerima City TBD
Aug. 20 Adachi City General Sports Center (Special Cruyff Court)
Aug. 20 Katsushika City Welpia Katsushika
Aug. 20 Edogawa City TBD
Aug. 20 Hachioji City TBD
Aug. 20 Tachikawa City Kodomo Mirai Center
Aug. 20 Musashino City Musashino gymnasium
Aug. 20 Mitaka City Central Plaza of Mitaka Central Park for Disaster Prevention, Genki Creation Plaza
Aug. 20 Ome City The Seimei Welfare Association, Inc.
Aug. 20 Fuchu City TBD
Aug. 20 Akishima City Akishima City Office
Aug. 20 Chofu City Chofu City Hall
Chofu City General Welfare Center
Center for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Nagomi, Soyokaze, Sumairu
Support center for persons with disabilities' community life and employment Chofudazo
Aug. 20 Machida City Machida City Hall
Aug. 20 Koganei City Musashi Koganei Station South Exit Square (Cross Court)
Aug. 20 Kodaira City Kodaira-shi Suzuki remains museum
Aug. 20 Hino City Asahigaoka Central Park
Aug. 20 Higashimurayama City Higashimurayama City regional welfare center
Aug. 20 Kokubunji City The Site for New Kokubunji City Hall (A site on the east side of Izumi Plaza)
Aug. 20 Kunitachi City Kunitachi City Gymnasium
Aug. 20 Fussa City TBD
Aug. 20 Komae City Komae Municipal Nishigawara Park
Aug. 20 Higashiyamato City TBD
Aug. 20 Kiyose City Kiyose city hall
Aug. 20 Higashikurume City TBD
Aug. 20 Musashimurayama City Musashimurayama city hall
Aug. 20 Tama City Tama Center Sankaku Hiroba Park
Aug. 20 Inagi City Inagi City Hall
Aug. 20 Hamura City Hamura City Sports Center
Aug. 20 Akiruno City Public playing field arbor
Aug. 20 Nishitokyo City Tamarokuto Sience Center
Aug. 20 Mizuho Town TBD
Aug. 20 Hinode Town TBD
Aug. 20 Hinohara Village Hinohara village office parking lot
Aug. 20 Okutama Town TBD
Aug. 20 Oshima Town Oshima town office
Aug. 20 Toshima Village TBD
Aug. 20 Niijima Village Habushiura Main gatehouse of Niijima village
Aug. 20 Kozushima Village Kozushimamura Community activity support center
Aug. 20 Miyake Village Miyake Village office Temporary Government Building (Ako gymnasium)
Aug. 20 Mikurajima Village Mikurashima Village Kawada
Aug. 20 Hachijo Town TBD
Aug. 20 Aogashima Village Aogashima elementary and middle schools
Aug. 20 Ogasawara Village A place related to the return of the Ogasawara Islands

Flame Gathering in Prefecture

Date City Venue
Aug. 20 Shinjuku City Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Citizen's Plaza

Flame visits

The flame will visit municipalities that have requested to display the flame before and after the flame collecting ceremony in Tokyo.

Torch Relay Route

  • Shinjuku City > Nakano City > Toshima City > Kita City > Bunkyo City

*The relay route, the municipalities the Torch Relay will travel through, the order in which it travels, the location of the Flame Celebration and any other information provided above are subject to change.


Date City
Aug. 21 Edogawa City
Aug. 22 Kokubunji City
Aug. 23 Setagaya City
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Paralympic Torch Relay Videos and Photos

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