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Aug. 20, 2021

Important notice

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Torch Relay will be held from 12 August 2021 until 24 August 2021, during the transition period from the Olympic Games to the Paralympic Games. It will aim to create a festive atmosphere in the run-up to the Paralympic Games while maintaining the momentum generated by the Olympic Games.

Going forward, Tokyo 2020 will coordinate with the authorities in each prefecture regarding the detailed schedule of Flame lighting festivals, departure ceremonies and other ceremonies along the route of the Relay. More information will be available in due course.

As of September 28, 2020

Municipalities hosting Regional Flame Celebrations

Shinjuku City

Torch Relay Route

  • Shinjuku City > Nakano City > Toshima City > Kita City > Bunkyo City

* The relay route, the municipalities the Torch Relay will travel through, the order in which it travels, the location of the Flame Celebration and any other information provided above are subject to change.

Places of interest in Tokyo

The Tokyo leg of the Torch Relay begins in Tokyo's famous skyscraper district. Some of the attractions people can expect in Tokyo include; A vibrant city where people from all over the world interact; the educational district; a base for culture and para-sports. Following its time in Tokyo, the flame will head to the Flame Lighting Ceremony.

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Paralympic Torch Relay Videos and Photos