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Important notice

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Torch Relay will be held from 12 August 2021 until 24 August 2021, during the transition period from the Olympic Games to the Paralympic Games. It will aim to create a festive atmosphere in the run-up to the Paralympic Games while maintaining the momentum generated by the Olympic Games.

Going forward, Tokyo 2020 will coordinate with the authorities in each prefecture regarding the detailed schedule of Flame lighting festivals, departure ceremonies and other ceremonies along the route of the Relay. More information will be available in due course.

As of September 28, 2020

In Oita Prefecture, flame lighting will be carried out in 17 locations with the participation of all cities, towns and villages throughout the prefecture, with the flame gathering ceremony and departure ceremony being held at Japan Sun Industries in Beppu City, which was established by late Dr NAKAMURA Yutaka, who was the leader of the 1964 Tokyo Paralympic Team.

Highlights will include flame lighting at various scenic locations in the prefecture, such as the Usuki Stone Buddhas in Usuki City, which were the first Buddha figures carved in a natural rock face to be designated as National Treasures, and the Kunisaki City Historical Learning Centre, Yayoi Village where people can experience ancient lifestyles and culture.

Flames will also be lit throughout the prefecture from sources such as the Commemorative Peace Lantern at the Joi No.1 Bunker in Usa City and the fire in the kitchen of Kusu Mori no Kureyon and Mori no Komegura workshop for those with impairment in Kokonoe Town/Kusu Town, to give as many people as possible the chance to impart their thoughts to the flame.

Regional flame celebration

Date City Venue
TBD Beppu City Beppu city Kitahama Park
TBD Oita City Shukusai no Hiroba
TBD Nakatsu City Nakatsu General Gymnasium
TBD Hita City Hita city athletic field
TBD Saiki City Saiki City Yayoi Sports Park,Gateball Field
TBD Usuki City Usuki Stone Buddhas,a national treasure
TBD Tsukumi City Tsukumi General Sports Park,Sunny Hall
TBD Taketa City Taketa Sports Center
TBD Bungotakada City Bungotakada City Hall
TBD Kitsuki City Health and Welfare Center
TBD Usa City Johi 1 go Bunker
TBD Bungo-ohno City Bungo-Ohno City Hall
TBD Yufu City Oita Prefectural Yufu School for Special Needs Education
TBD Kunisaki City Kunisaki Town Historic Experience Learning Hall
TBD Himeshima Village Himeshima Lighthouse
TBD Hiji Town Hiji Town Health and Welfare Center
TBD Kusu town
Kokonoe town
Social Welfare Corporation Gyounfukushikai Wind2
"Kusu Morino Kureyon","Morino Komegura"
(Kusu town)

Flame Gathering in Prefecture

Date City Venue
TBD Beppu City Social Welfare Organization Japan Sun Industries

Depart for Tokyo

Date City Venue
TBD Beppu City Social Welfare Organization Japan Sun Industries

Flame visits

No implementation