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Important notice

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Torch Relay will be held from 12 August 2021 until 24 August 2021, during the transition period from the Olympic Games to the Paralympic Games. It will aim to create a festive atmosphere in the run-up to the Paralympic Games while maintaining the momentum generated by the Olympic Games.

Going forward, Tokyo 2020 will coordinate with the authorities in each prefecture regarding the detailed schedule of Flame lighting festivals, departure ceremonies and other ceremonies along the route of the Relay. More information will be available in due course.

As of September 28, 2020

The Hyogo Prefecture Paralympic Flame Festival will involve all 41 cities and towns throughout the prefecture.

Flame lighting ceremonies and Paralympic flame visits will be carried out with the collaboration of schools for special needs education and welfare facilities, etc., at local industries and scenic spots using methods that are characteristic of each area.

Regional flame celebration

Date City Venue
TBD Kobe City Higashi-yuenchi park
TBD Amagasaki CIty Amagasaki city person with a physical disability welfare center
TBD Nishinomiya City Shopping mall G-parking lot
TBD Ashiya City Egenoyama Ruins
Ashiya beach
TBD Itami CIty Koyaike park
TBD Takaraduka City Suehiro central park
TBD Kawanishi City Kisera-kawanishi
Kisera-kawanishi seseragi-park
TBD Sanda City Sanda city government office
TBD Inagawa City Inagawa town General welfare center(Yuai center)
TBD Akashi City Akashi City Museum of Culture
TBD Kakogawa City Kakogawa Athletic Stadium
TBD Takasago City Takasago city general sports park
TBD Inami City Manyo-no-mori Garden
TBD Harima Town Oonaka remains park
TBD Nishiwaki City Nihonheso park
TBD Ono City Sunflower Hill Park
TBD Himeji City Pacific War Air Raid Victims National Memorial,
Otemae Park
TBD Kamikawa Town Mineyama Kogen
TBD Ichikawa Town Ichikawa sports center
TBD Fukusaki Town Erde hall
TBD Aioi City Aioi city government office
TBD Tatsuno City Shingu-Miyauchi historical site
TBD Ako City Kagaku-ji temple
TBD Shiso City Tatarano-sato learning hall
TBD Taishi Town Ikaruga-dera Temple
TBD Kamigori Town Kamigori-cho sports center
TBD Toyooka City Toyooka city government office
TBD Yabu City Yabu city government office Yabu branch
TBD Asago City Wadayama special support education school
TBD Kami City Kasumi welfare village
TBD Shionsen City Sightseeing facility
TBD Tamba City Tamba city citizen contact open space
TBD Tambasasayama City Tamba pottery Oldest climbing kilm
TBD Awaji City Gossakaito remains
TBD Sumoto City Goshiki Wellness Park
TBD Minamiawaji City Wakoudonohiroba Park

Flame Gathering in Prefecture

Date City Venue
TBD Kobe City Kobe Sports Park Athletics stadium

Depart for Tokyo

Date City Venue
TBD Kobe City Kobe Sports Park Athletics stadium

Flame visits

No implementation