Satomi Ishihara


Actress from Tokyo

Made her debut in 2003 in the film 'Watashi no Guranpa [My Grandpa]'. Starred in many TV dramas, films and theatrical productions. Travelled to Africa for a film and since then Ishihara returned three years in a row, reporting on issues in the country through various TV programmes. As the 'charity personality' for the telethon charity programme '24-Hour Television' in 2017, Ishihara was highly commended for her honest and sincere approach to reporting.

“Hello. I’m Satomi Ishihara, Official Ambassador of the Tokyo 2020 Torch Relay. I was surprised to be chosen, but I feel even more honoured and grateful and I take this responsibility very seriously. The Torch Relay carries the heart and soul of each torchbearer. I look forward to meeting the torchbearers, the supporters, the people cheering on along the relay route, and everybody else who is involved in carrying out the Torch Relay nationwide. I hope to interview as many people as possible and communicate their stories and drama honestly and sincerely. It would be nice if we can all enjoy the Torch Relay and contribute to the excitement. Looking forward to seeing you!"