General architectural work

General architectural work refers to the interior and external installations and external structural work planned for each individual Games competition venue.

Image of Architectural Work

Ceilings in Games competition venues

Work being undertaken on a ceiling in a Games competition venue to facilitate temporary construction and installation work. Roof reinforcement work is being conducted for the installation of liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors and lighting equipment.

Work being undertaken on a ceiling in a Games competition venue to facilitate installation of temporary equipment
Work being undertaken on a ceiling in a Games competition venue to facilitate installation of temporary equipment

Installation of various rooms/offices at an existing facility

Work to install partitions and interior refurbishment to secure Games operations rooms/offices in an existing facility.

Various rooms, offices
Various rooms, offices

Installation of prefabricated units and slopes in an existing facility.

Internal work being undertaken in an existing facility. The work includes the installation of prefabricated units and the installation of water supply, air-conditioning, lighting and other equipment in each of the various rooms/offices in the unit. Slopes and handrails are also being installed.

Internal refurbishing

Images of external structural work

Laying of roadways, paving and other infrastructure, and removal and restoration operations for trees and shrubbery in the area surrounding a Games competition venue.

Temporary roadways, paving, etc. within the venue compound

Asphalting (to general specifications)

Asphalting (to pedestrian specifications)

Asphalting (to loading specifications)

Installation work

Electrical wiring at various facilities

A scene after completion of electrical wiring work

Summary of construction-related items

Architectural Work

Interior Finishing Temporary partitions (including installation of air-conditioning and lighting equipment)
Interior refurbishing
Reinforcing Work Roof reinforcement work (reinforcing roof for installation of LCD monitors, lighting and other equipment)

External Work & Landscaping

Temporary roadway and paving Asphalt paving (including work for the removal of trees and shrubbery, and restoration to original state)
Temporary vehicle-grade roadway (to facilitate the passage of large vehicles)
Temporary track way
Planting Work Tree and shrubbery removal work (temporary removal of trees and shrubbery)
Clearing/reclamation work Soil improvement
Cut and fill operations
Other Works Installation of security fencing and temporary slopes (including concrete foundation work)

Installation of equipment

Work to install plumbing equipment Plumbing fixtures
Installation of feed water pumps and drainage pumps
Installation of equipment for broadcasting purposes Cabling Work(Cable rack installation)
Electrical Installation Wire splicing
Temporary outdoor tower lighting (approx. 30m, including foundation work)
Fire prevention-related works Fire prevention water tank (including powered pumps)
Gas installations Gas-heated hot water supply

Temporary Overlay Work