Commodity refers to the installation of tents, prefabricated units, spectator seating, fencing, etc., required for individual Games competition venues, as well as installation of standard-sized general-purpose materials (mainly rented) and removal works.

Images of Commodity


Small-sized tents used for retail kiosks and security areas, and large-scale tents used as lounge areas and practice facilities.

Security area

Practice facilities

Prefabricated structure / Unit house

Large-scale prefabricated units used for Games operations rooms. Small and medium-sized prefabricated units used for some types of Games operations, as well as toilet facilities, etc.

Toilet unit installed with plumbing fixtures

Room/office in which room temperature can be regulated for use of servers, computers, etc.

Temporary seating

The framework is an assembly of standard-sized steel components, which supports banks of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) seating (chairs and benches) on tiered flooring.

Outdoor competition venue


Fencing is sectionalised to facilitate venue periphery security, and flow line management for athletes, spectators and staff.

For security and spectator control purposes

Temporary lighting

Installed for Games competition operations and TV broadcasting services.

Interior ceiling lighting for competition venue and outdoor stand lighting

Temporary air-conditioning

Temporary air-conditioning installed in various interior rooms/offices

Temporary supporting structure

For use in broadcast compounds, competition venues, and for temporary walkways, slopes, etc.

General architectural work
Temporary Overlay Work