Temporary Overlay Work

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee) will construct and install temporary overlay, including prefabricated units, tents, lighting for broadcasting purposes, spectator seating, security fencing and competition space, for eight new permanent competition venues, 22 existing competition venues, and nine temporary competition venues.

Details of temporary overlay work

Temporary overlay work can be largely separated into two main categories: architectural work and installation of equipment and amenities. Of the overall temporary overlay work required, 50 percent is architectural work, 30 percent is installation of equipment and amenities, while the remaining 20 percent consists of various other types of work.

An introduction to the interior and external installations and external structural work planned for each individual Games competition venue.
An introduction to the installation of equipment and amenities such as tents, prefabricated units, spectator seating, fencing, etc., required for individual Games competition venues. Also included are installations of standard-sized general-purpose materials (mainly rented) and removal works.

Scale of temporary overlay work

Additional construction and installation of temporary infrastructure for the Tokyo 2020 Games includes prefabricated units and tents for Games operations purposes covering a total area of 300,000 square meters, lighting for broadcasting purposes at 25 different venues, 150,000 seats (spectator seating), 110 kilometres of security fencing, and Games competition space.
The estimated cost for the construction and installation of this temporary overlay is approx. 280 billion yen (separate budget for electric power supply).

Planned requisition of temporary overlay work

We anticipate that the temporary overlay work will entail the drawing up and submission of detailed design plans for the intended work, implementation of the work, Games-time maintenance management, and post-Games dismantling and removal operations.

Anticipated schedule

April 2018 Public announcement of tender
August 2018 Begin work on detailed design plans
January 2020 Begin implementation of work
Late July 2020 Games-time maintenance management
September 2020 Dismantling and removal operations

The above schedule is the anticipated schedule at the current time. Please note, however, that the schedules will differ according to the specific circumstances and requirements of each individual venue.

Venues at which work is required

List of venues at which work is required