Tokyo 2020 selects internationally renowned artists to create poster artworks


Renowned Japanese and overseas artists have been selected to produce artworks to celebrate the Tokyo 2020 Games vision and spirit.

The participating artists and designers include famous Japanese manga artists and calligraphers, a number of leading young figures from the Japanese art world and other famous Japanese artists, designers and photographers. They also include four overseas artists who have won numerous awards in Japan and overseas.

The artworks will be rendered as official Tokyo 2020 Official Art Posters and will be produced by the end of the year. They will be displayed at exhibitions in public spaces and will feature on licensed products from the beginning of 2020 to build momentum for the approaching Tokyo 2020 Games.

The Artists

Creator of works of Olympic Theme

Japanese artists

Naoki Urasawa
Manga Artist

Shinro Ohtake

Daijiro Ohara
Graphic Designer

Shoko Kanazawa

Tomoko Konoike

Taku Sato
Graphic Designer

Asao Tokolo

Takashi Homma

Overseas artists

Theseus Chan
Art Director

Viviane Sassen
©Hanneke van Leeuwen

Philippe Weisbecker
©Ayumi Shino

Creator of works of Paralympic Theme

Hirohiko Araki
Manga Artist

Koji Kakinuma

Graphic Designer

Tomoyuki Shinki

Asao Tokolo

Mika Ninagawa
Photographer, Film Director

Chihiro Mori

Akira Yamaguchi
Painter(photo by Yohei Sogabe)

Selection Process

The final line up of artist were chosen by an Artist Selection Committee comprised by senior figures from the worlds of art, culture and design. In liaison with the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage, the Committee has selected the artists to produce the artworks.

Artist Selection Committee Members

Masanori Aoyagi Chairman, Tokyo 2020 Culture and Education Commission
Chairman of Board of Directors, Tama Art University
Director General, Archaeogical Institute of Kashihara, Nara Prefecture
Emeritus Professor, the University of Tokyo
Yuji Akimoto Member of Tokyo 2020 Culture and Education Commission
Director and Professor of the University Arts Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Director, Nerima Art Museum
Sumiko Imai Member of Tokyo 2020 Advisory Meeting
Environmental Designer
Hiroshi Imanaka Member of Tokyo 2020 Culture and Education Commission
President, Social Welfare Foundation SOOHKAI
Creative Director, Atelier Incurve
Teiya Iwabuchi Editor in Chief of BIJUTSUTECHO
Noriko Kawakami Design Journalist
Mineko Orisaku Member of Tokyo 2020 Culture and Education Commission Photographer, Professor, Osaka University of Arts
Tsuyoshi Tane Architect Founder, Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects
Tomoko Yabumae Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

About Official Art Posters

Since the early 20th century, posters have been created by Organising Committees of the Olympic Games (OCOGs) to promote and advertise this major sporting and cultural event. With their broad popular appeal and bold, easily recognisable imagery, Olympic posters continue to capture the international imagination and help establish each Games' specific look and feel. Some OCOGs have commissioned internationally renowned artists and designers to create highly individualistic posters and to leave a powerful legacy forever associated with a specific edition of the Olympic. Many of these Olympic art posters have become artistic and cultural icons. More recently, Paralympic posters have been specifically created for each Paralympic Games.

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