Tokyo 2020 Mascots Make Their Public Debut


Dear members of the media,

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic mascot and Paralympic mascot greeted the Japanese public for the first time at their naming ceremony today. Hundreds of children and adults joined meet & greet events across the Japanese capital to welcome the new ambassadors of the Tokyo 2020 Games.
The Tokyo 2020 Olympic mascot’s name was revealed as Miraitowa, based on the Japanese words mirai (future) and towa (eternity) combined. The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic mascot’s name was revealed as Someity, (pronounced soh-may-tee) which comes from someiyoshino, a popular cherry blossom variety, and additionally echoes the English phrase “so mighty”.

Please see the attached press release in English for further information, with URLs to download video and photos.

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Tokyo 2020 International Communications Team

International Communications


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