Tokyo 2020 Welcomes Three Travel Companies as Official Partners

The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee today welcomed KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd. (KNT-CT), JTB Corp. (JTB), Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd. (Tobu Top Tours) as Tokyo 2020 Official Partners, the second domestic tier of the Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Programme.

KNT-CT, JTB and Tobu Top Tours have been jointly attributed the category “Travel agency services and national trip hospitality services.” Their addition brings the total number of Tokyo 2020 Domestic Partners to 32*, including 17 Official Partners.

Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori welcomed the new appointments, “KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd., JTB Corp. and Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd. are three of Japan’s leading travel companies, and we are delighted to have been able to conclude Tokyo 2020 Official Partner contracts with all three companies in the category of travel agency services and national trip hospitality services. This is the first time we have concluded contracts with three different companies in a single category, and I believe this is yet another example of the strong 'Best of Japan’ team we are building with the aim of working together to ensure the success of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Kazuyoshi Togawa, KNT-CT Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We are extremely honoured that we have this opportunity to contribute to the success of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and to support Japan's national Olympic and Paralympic teams as a Tokyo 2020 Official Travel Services Partner. As a travel company, we are taking part in the Games under the spirit of the three core concepts of the Tokyo 2020 Games Vision; "Striving for your personal best (Achieving Personal Best)," "Accepting one another (Unity in Diversity)" and "Passing on Legacy for the future (Connecting to Tomorrow)." Our aim is to respond to the needs of customers who will be travelling in Japan to experience the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games for themselves. We believe that our role is to help people experience the kind of memories that will be talked about for generations to come. By harnessing our network and engaging in teamwork, KNT-CT is looking forward to making a contribution to turning 2020 into a year of new, unforgettable stories.”

Hiroyuki Takahashi, JTB President & CEO, commented: “As an Official Travel Services Partner of Tokyo 2020, JTB will welcome customers from around the world to Japan through our inbound business, which is the origin of our business. What is more, we will encourage guests to travel widely around the whole of Japan and experience the attractions of local cultures and cuisines, and provide further support to the success of the Tokyo 2020 Games from the perspective of regional revitalization. Through its travel services that offer perfect moments for customers, we would like to dedicate ourselves to working for the success of the Tokyo 2020 Games and towards the creation of legacies for future generations in Japan that extend far beyond 2020.”

Nobuaki Sakamaki, Tobu Top Tours President and Representative Director, commented: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games as an Official Travel Services Partner. Tobu Top Tours will make an all-out effort to promote the Tokyo 2020 Games by broadly conveying the most appealing features of Japan, including its history, tradition, culture and tourism. Based on our business philosophy of “Human Warmth - Creating Connections of Gratitude,” we will do our utmost to make this historic event a success, so that everyone involved in the Tokyo 2020 Games can play an active role with a sense of sheer joy.”

About the Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Programme: The Olympic sponsor programme is divided into four separate categories, with the IOC’s The Olympic Partner (TOP) programme constituting the very highest level of Olympic sponsorship. The Worldwide TOP Partners who support the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are Coca-Cola, Atos, Bridgestone, Dow, GE, McDonald’s, Omega, Panasonic, Procter and Gamble, Samsung, Toyota and Visa.
The three remaining categories are designated for domestic sponsors. The highest domestic tier comprises Gold Partners, the second tier consists of Official Partners and the third tier is made up of Official Supporters. Domestic sponsors will also be core components of Tokyo 2020’s Marketing Programme, and until 2020 they will be indispensable partners both for the successful delivery of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and as partners of the Japanese national Olympic and Paralympic teams. Accordingly, they will be accorded the rights to use Olympic and Paralympic designations and imagery including emblems, mascots and slogans. In collaboration with all sponsors who take part in the Marketing Programme, the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee will work to contribute to a brighter tomorrow for both Japan and the world.
Please click the following link to learn more about the rights granted to the Tokyo 2020 Games' Sponsors: Sponsorship Programme

About KNT-CT: As an integrated travel company group, KNT-CT Holdings Co., Ltd. has previously contributed to the organization of numerous sports events, principally through our companies Kinki Nippon Tourist Co., Ltd., and Club Tourism International Inc. At the Tokyo 2020 Games, we are committed to extending our warmest hospitality for the realization of the dreams of the many people who love sports. We also intend to harness the extensive experience and expertise of our company's dedicated 'universal tourism’ department to plan spectators’ tours that will bring the excitement of the Olympics and Paralympics to as many domestic customers as possible. In the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Games, we will also support the promotion of the Olympic and Paralympic movements by contributing to the development of regional communities through sport.
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About JTB: The JTB Group was founded in 1912 as the Japan Tourist Bureau with the objective of contributing to the Japanese economy by bringing foreign visitors to Japan. During the subsequent 100 years, the Group has served as a driver of growth in Japan’s tourism industry while establishing itself as a leading innovator in its mission of contributing to society through its businesses.
The JTB Group is the No.1 travel company in Japan and employees are working together to offer high-value services in keeping with the Group’s business philosophy of "helping achieve a peaceful, fulfilling society by creating human exchange and interaction on the world stage."
Our brand slogan "Perfect moments, always" is taken to heart by all of the employees in the JTB Group. We promise to form and maintain a close relationship with the customer that will enable provision of perfect moments. We promise to be the one that is there when the customer experiences “perfect moments." We are committed to making every effort in our power to fulfil these promises during every moment we spend with our customers.
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About Tobu Top Tours: Tobu Top Tours is a travel agency with 167 business offices throughout Japan and local subsidiaries in the United States, Europe and Asia. This year marks the 60th anniversary since our founding. We provide comprehensive support for our corporate customers, from arranging accommodation and transportation to managing events such as incentive tours, training programs, meetings and seminars. We also dispatch specialized staff to support educational trips and large-scale conventions, academic conferences and exhibitions. We serve our individual customers as a trusted partner by offering comprehensive travel packages that include planning and arranging trips with family and friends. We also maintain a specialized division that provides tailored services for international travellers visiting Japan, including programs for themed trips that introduce Japanese tradition and culture, to ensure their stay in Japan is a comfortable and fulfilling experience. Tobu Top Tours seeks to accurately identify the increasingly diversified needs of our customers. We possess the required expertise in consulting, planning and execution capabilities to deliver outstanding services that fulfil the needs of our customers. Since we value our customers’ expressions of gratitude above all, we provide meticulous care and attention throughout our services.
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* In addition to the above-stated 32 Tokyo 2020 domestic partners, the Tokyo 2020 sponsorship programme also includes three Worldwide Olympic Partners - Atos, Bridgestone and Omega - as Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Gold Partners.

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Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori and representatives of partners Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Official Partner Ceremony