Using technology to connect athletes with fans for a brand new experience

Sponsor Interview: Samsung Using technology to connect athletes with fans for a brand new experience

An IOC Worldwide Partner, Samsung is a global corporation with over 300,000 employees working in 16 countries. We conducted the interview during the Olympic Games PyeongChang 2018 at their Olympic showcase in the Gangneung Olympic Park, where people lined up every day to experience Samsung's innovative technologies. Visitors were delighted with the various "experience-type" content showcasing the latest technologies developed by Samsung. The corner featuring virtual reality (VR) snowboard, skeleton, alpine skiing and other winter events was especially popular.

Samsung's support for the Olympic Games goes back to 1988, when the Games were hosted by Seoul. To commemorate their Olympic partnership, a special booth titled "Unbox Samsung" was set up to provide visitors with a glimpse of the history between Samsung and the Olympic Games.

We interviewed Yejin Park, who is in charge of marketing at Samsung Electronics Japan, planning and operating various events, campaigns and PR programmes to increase their recognition in Japan as an Olympic Worldwide Partner.

Samsung has been an Olympic sponsor since the Olympic Games Seoul 1988. What is the most important aspect in your company's long-standing support?

We have always placed importance on enhancing connections for athletes and fans through our innovative mobile technologies, while delivering a new and unique experience.

What is the concept for your activities at the Winter Games in PyeongChang?

Our concept is "Do What You Can't". The "Olympic Showcase" provides us with the opportunity to introduce Samsung's brand philosophy and innovative technologies.

Can you tell us about any unique Samsung initiatives related to the Olympic Games?

We continue to provide initiatives that give athletes, visitors and stakeholders a chance to enjoy the Olympic Games to the fullest. In addition to the showcase here, we also have a "Galaxy Showcase" in Harajuku, Tokyo, where visitors can enjoy various winter sports with the special content featured during the PyeongChang Winter Games. We also tried a new initiative dispatching a special "Galaxy Reporter" to PyeongChang from Japan who provided real-time reports of the Olympic Games through social media. We hope we can continue to contribute to the excitement of the Olympic Games through our programmes.

How is the preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Games progressing? What are your expectations for the Tokyo Games?

As a leading brand for wireless communications, we want to support the athletes with our innovative technologies for smartphones and other devices, and provide fans and users with an opportunity to experience the Olympic Games in a more personal way through various pieces of content featured at our "Olympic Showcase". We hope our branding and marketing activities will lead to further opportunities in Japan during the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Samsung has devoted many years to providing entertaining initiatives with "experience" as the key. Let's look forward to Samsung's activities toward the Tokyo 2020 Games.