Tokyo 2020 Games mascot anniversary debut unveils mascot-type robots

The new Miraitowa robot will be used in next year's Tokyo 2020 Games to greet guests

It's been one year since the debut of the Olympic mascot Miraitowa. As part of the debut anniversary celebration last 22 July, the robot version of Miraitowa was unveiled for the first time in public.

The event was held at the Tokyo Stadium in Chofu City in Tokyo and brought together more than 400 children living in the neighbourhood. Kids were able to interact and shake hands with the small Miraitowa robot.

Children interacting with Miraitowa mascot-type robot

Miraitowa and Someity together with some children during the debut event in 2019 July

The mascot-type robots is part of the Tokyo 2020 Robot project and will greet guests and athletes in Games venues. They can wave, shake hands, and can react when a person is near. They also have a variety of facial expressions.

Miraitowa and Someity were joined by the children to form "1 Year to Go!" at the stadium to commemorate the build-up for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The "One Year to Go" milestone was officially celebrated this 24 July.

The Games mascots and the kids spelt out "1 Year to Go!" message

Mascot animation

A new animation featuring Olympic Games mascot Miraitowa was also launched this week in Tokyo 2020 social channels.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic mascot Miraitowa is seen here playing all 33 Olympic Games

In the future, there will also be videos showing Someity playing all 22 Paralympic Games. The videos are scheduled to be released in the occasion of the "One Year to Go" milestone of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Line stamps

Line stamps

There were 16 kinds of Miraitowa and Someity stamps distributed last 23 July.

  • All stamps can be downloaded for free from the "Sticker Shop"
    Note: Click on the "Add friend" button in the Tokyo 2020 LINE official account
  • Download period is until 6 September 2020

Users will also be able to change the background themes on their timeline screen and LINE chat room.

Tokyo 2020 LINE official account


Last 24 July, new Instagram accounts were launched for Miraitowa and Someity as part of the "One Year to Go" celebrations.

The new accounts will feature various information about the Games and will include the activities of the Tokyo 2020 mascot ambassadors.