The Rio 2016 Games powerlifting champion who aims to break the record in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games met with Someity.

Iranian powerlifting superstar Siamand Rahman posed with the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Mascot Someity after winning the gold medal in the men's over 107k powerlifting at an international competition – the last integrated para sport event before the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games - held in Jakarta in October.

The Paralympian, who broke the world record in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games and holds the world record of 310kg, told the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) after the competition that he was more ready than t he was in Rio but was saving his best for the Tokyo 2020 Games.

"The target and my plan is for Tokyo 2020 and I have a special planning and a schedule for breaking the historic record in Tokyo."
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Previously in July 2017, Rahman has mentioned during an interview with Tokyo 2020 that he would love to have a memorable experience at the Tokyo 2020 Games by bringing home a gold medal and would definitely try to break the record which he himself holds at a major competition like the Tokyo 2020 Games.
He also reiterated in the same interview the importance of the spectators to attend the competitions as their cheering inspire the athletes to perform at their peak.

Interview with Rahman
Para athlete interview -Siamand Rahman