Tokyo 2020 Announces Outline of Olympic Games Ticket Prices

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) today announced an outline of ticket prices for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. There are a wide range of prices aimed at allowing as many people as possible to enjoy Olympic events, including millions of tickets at affordable prices, with half of all tickets priced at JPY 8,000 or less.

Residents of Japan from today also have their first chance to register on Tokyo 2020's online platform in order to receive information about ticketing and, from the spring of 2019, to be able to apply for tickets. The platform can be accessed at Additional details of the ticket ordering and purchasing process for residents of Japan will be announced on the Tokyo 2020 website in due course. The basic outline of ticket prices for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be as follows (applicable to tickets purchased in Japan):

  • a range of prices from JPY 12,000 up to JPY 300,000 for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • a range of prices for tickets to sports events from JPY 2,500 up to JPY 130,000
  • half of all tickets to be priced at JPY 8,000 or less
  • a symbolic ticket price of JPY 2,020 for families and groups resident in Japan whose members include children, senior citizens or individuals with impairments; this price will also be available in conjunction with a school programme targeting over one million students across Japan
  • concessionary tickets for wheelchair-dedicated areas

Tokyo 2020 is additionally planning to offer a hospitality programme. Also there will be opportunities for spectators to watch large sections of the marathon, road cycling, triathlon and race walk competitions for free along the city streets. Ticket prices for surfing events will be announced at a later date.

A summary of proposed price ranges for each event type is shown at the end of this announcement. More detailed pricing will be announced later this year.

Those living outside of Japan will be able to order their tickets through the National Olympic Committee of their respective country or their authorised ticket reseller. A list of these organisations in each country will be published by next spring on the Tokyo 2020 official website. Ticket prices and the application process will vary from country to country, although the structure will be broadly in line with that for tickets purchased in Japan.

As the exclusive payment technology partner of the Olympic Games for 32 years, Visa will be the only payment brand accepted on the Tokyo 2020 ticket website and at the ticket box offices.


An outline of the ticket programme for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be announced in August 2018.

Tickets may only be purchased via authorised channels, and Tokyo 2020 urges all prospective ticket purchasers to be aware of unauthorised or potentially fraudulent ticket offerings. No tickets are currently available.

Fans interested in finding out more about the sports schedule can access the latest version here.

Ticket Prices of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Ceremony Price List
Opening Ceremony JPY 12,000~300,000
Closing Ceremony JPY 12,000~220,000
Sports Price
Aquatics (Swimming) JPY 5,800~108,000
Aquatics (Diving) JPY 3,500~30,500
Aquatics (Artistic Swimming) JPY 4,000~45,000
Aquatics (Water Polo) JPY 3,000~18,000
Aquatics(Marathon Swimming) JPY 3,500~5,500
Archery JPY 3,000~7,000
Athletics (Track & Field) JPY 3,000~130,000
Athletics (Marathon) JPY 2,500~6,000
Athletics (Race Walk) Tickets will not be sold
Badminton JPY 4,000~45,000
Baseball JPY 4,000~67,500
Softball JPY 2,500~25,500
Basketball (3x3) JPY 3,000~18,000
Basketball (Basketball) JPY 3,000~108,000
Boxing JPY 3,500~45,000
Canoe (Slalom) JPY 3,000~10,000
Canoe (Sprint) JPY 3,000~9,500
Cycling (BMX Freestyle) JPY 4,000~10,000
Cycling (BMX Racing) JPY 3,000~12,500
Cycling (Mountain Bike) JPY 3,500~5,000
Cycling (Road (Road Race:Finish, Individual Time Trial)) JPY 3,500~5,500
Cycling (Track) JPY 4,000~14,500
Equestrian (Dressage, Eventing, Jumping) JPY 3,000~16,000
Fencing JPY 3,000~11,500
Football JPY 2,500~67,500
Golf JPY 3,000~10,000
Gymnastics (Artistic) JPY 4,000~72,000
Gymnastics (Rhythmic) JPY 4,000~36,000
Gymnastics (Trampoline) JPY 5,500~16,000
Handball JPY 3,500~20,000
Hockey JPY 2,500~10,000
Judo JPY 4,000~54,000
Karate (Kata, Kumite) JPY 3,500~12,800
Modern Pentathlon JPY 2,500~4,000
Rowing JPY 3,000~9,500
Rugby JPY 2,500~25,500
Sailing JPY 3,000~5,500
Shooting (Rifle, Clay) JPY 2,500~5,500
Skateboard (Park, Street) JPY 4,000~11,500
Sport Climbing JPY 3,000~12,500
Surfing To be announced later
Table Tennis JPY 3,500~36,000
Taekwondo JPY 3,000~9,500
Tennis JPY 3,000~54,000
Triathlon JPY 4,000~8,000
Volleyball (Beach Volleyball) JPY 3,500~45,000
Volleyball (Volleyball) JPY 4,000~81,500
Weightlifting JPY 2,500~12,800
Wrestling(Freestyle, Greco-Roman) JPY 4,000~45,000


  • Tickets prices as of 20 July, 2018. Prices may change based on the Games plan and competition schedule.
  • Tickets prices are in JPY, including tax
  • Prices not shown in the above list will be announced on the official website, when the ticket price is determined depending on the Games plan and competition schedule