IPC confirms the addition of new cycling medal event to Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) today added the men's H1 time trial event in road cycling to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic sport programme. It brings the total number of cycling events at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games to 51 (29 men's, 20 women's and 2 mixed).

The number of athlete slots for men's cycling events remains unchanged at 150 and the overall number of medal events at Tokyo 2020, across all 22 Paralympic sports, now stands at 540.

In the women's programme, the H1 class was also added to the factored H2-H3 Time Trial. This does not change any athlete quotas and the new event name will be the women's H1-2-3 Time Trial.

For more information on this announcement, please refer to the IPC's press release here:
Tokyo 2020: New cycling medal event added(Open in a new window)

Cycling (51 EVENTS)


  • C1-2-3 Kilo (Men)
  • C1-2-3 500m (Women)
  • C1-5 Team Sprint (Mixed)
  • C4-5 Kilo (Men)
  • C4-5 500m (Women)
  • C1 Pursuit (Men)
  • C2 Pursuit (Men)
  • C3 Pursuit (Men)
  • C4 Pursuit (Men/Women)
  • C5 Pursuit (Men/Women)
  • C1-2-3 Pursuit (Women)
  • B Kilo (Men/Women)
  • B Pursuit (Men/Women)


  • H2 Road Race (Men)
  • H3 Road Race (Men)
  • H4 Road Race (Men)
  • H5 Road Race (Men/Women)
  • H2-3-4 Road Race (Women)
  • C1-2-3 Road Race (Men/Women)
  • C4-5 Road Race (Men/Women)
  • B Road Race (Men/Women)
  • T1-2 Road Race (Men/Women)
  • H1 Time Trial (Men)
  • H2 Time Trial (Men)
  • H3 Time Trial (Men)
  • H4 Time Trial (Men)
  • H5 Time Trial (Men)
  • H1-2-3 Time Trial (Women)
  • H4-5 Time Trial (Women)
  • C1 Time Trial (Men)
  • C2 Time Trial (Men)
  • C3 Time Trial (Men)
  • C4 Time Trial (Men/Women)
  • C5 Time Trial (Men/Women)
  • C1-2-3 Time Trial (Women)
  • B Time Trial (Men/Women)
  • T1-2 Time Trial (Men/Women)
  • H2-5 Team Relay (Mixed)

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