Visitors to Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE top 50,000

PyeongChang, 18 February 2018 – The visitor count at Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE exceeded 50,000 on 18 February, just 9 days since the hospitality suite opened on 9 February.

Long que for entering Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE
Visitors having fun with THE TOKYO TRAVELLERS corner's CG

THE TOKYO TRAVELLERS, the main exhibit of the Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE installed inside Gangneung Olympic Park, has been particularly popular among visitors. The exhibit uses an advanced 3D scanning system to insert life-sized digital avatars of oneself in CG images of famous Tokyo spots. The high technology that allows simulating the experience of being in Tokyo is bedazzling our guests. The Japanese Culture Experience corner has also been a popular attraction, where visitors can take on the challenge of creating origami cranes.
On social media, the hashtag #Tokyo2020JHouse exceeded 4,230, helping spread excitement for the Tokyo 2020 Games and the allure of the city of Tokyo to people all over the world.
Soohorang, the official mascot of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, offered a comment that "congratulations on exceeding 50,000 visitors! The queues of people here have been so long, it shows that everyone is getting excited for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games!"

Soohorang visiting Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE
12 middle and high school students of future athletes, from areas devastated by the earthquake in Japan visitng Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE.
Kyoko Iwasaki, a swimming gold medallist at the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992, holding ORIGINAL ORIGAMI of her own picture printed.

Two Olympic medallists from Japan paid a visit to the Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE to give boost to the crowd.

Hiroyasu Shimizu, a former Olympic speed skater who won three medals, including one gold in Nagano in 1998, visited the Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE with 12 middle and high school students from areas devastated by the earthquake in Japan. He is in PyeongChang as the delegation leader of a project that brings future athletes to sites of the Olympic Games.

Kyoko Iwasaki, a swimming gold medallist at the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992, also visited Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE. She enjoyed creating origami cranes at the Japanese Culture Experience corner and walking with her avatar at THE TOKYO TRAVELLERS corner.

The Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE will be open until Sunday 25 February for the Olympic Games, and from Friday 9 March to Sunday 18 March for the Paralympic Games.

Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE