Prime Minister of Norway Solberg Discusses Sustainability during Visit to Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) was pleased to welcome Prime Minister of Norway Ms Erna Solberg to our offices today. Ms Solberg held various discussions with Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori on the topic of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their relevance to the Tokyo 2020 Games.
Prime Minister Solberg, who is additionally Co-chair of the UN Secretary-General's group of Sustainable Development Goals Advocates, expressed her particular commitment to the SDGs that have been adopted by 193 countries, including Japan.

Mr Mori, a former Prime Minister of Japan, explained to Prime Minister Solberg that Tokyo 2020 discussions are progressing on various topics, including Tokyo 2020's Sustainable Sourcing Code and the Tokyo 2020 Medal Project—one of Tokyo 2020's sustainability initiatives whereby Olympic and Paralympic medals are being produced from the precious metals extracted from recycled consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones.
Prime Minister Solberg commented at the meeting, “We had a great discussion on how we can link the Olympics' ideas with our SDG goals. Hopefully we can get the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to be also a focus area for understanding how important it is for us to work together on Sustainable Development Goals – as a joint world, because we have a plan for the world, and the Olympic Games is the happiest time between countries because of the friendly nature of the competition.”
Said Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori, “There are 17 SDG goals, and I want to raise the awareness of each athlete about each one of the 17 goals. So I am thinking hard what might be done to link the goals with what the athletes will be doing.”
Prime Minister Solberg also praised the Tokyo 2020 Medal Project and donated a used phone that she had brought with her from Norway, commenting “Tokyo 2020 is working hard on the reuse of materials, as shown by their medal activities. Sport is about leadership – the athletes are symbols for the world, and if they talk about global goals during events, it's very important.”
During the session, Ms Solberg presented Tokyo 2020 President Mori with a soccer ball inscribed with various SDGs.

Norway Prime Minister Ms Erna Solberg and Tokyo 2020 President Mori shake hands Prime Minister Solberg presents President Mori with a soccer ball inscribed with Sustainable Development Goals Prime Minister Solberg donates her own used phone for the Tokyo 2020 Medal Project