Tokyo 2020 Responds to NGOs' Open Letter Regarding Timber Procurement

In response to an open letter published by environmental NGOs on 11 September 2017, Tokyo 2020, the Japan Sport Council (JSC) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) met with representatives of the NGOs on 19 October 2017. The three organisations jointly replied on 20 November in writing to the NGOs' open letter, and their main points are as follows:

The Tokyo 2020 Sustainable Sourcing Code for Timber incorporates feedback from various stakeholders. Prior to formulating the code, Tokyo 2020 held extensive discussions with working groups comprising experts in human rights, environmental matters, corporate social responsibility and other fields. Tokyo 2020 also solicited feedback from environmental NGOs and other related organisations, as well as from the public.

In order to ensure not only the sustainability but also the feasibility of all timber procurement, the Code was compiled following a thorough consideration of various factors. These included how to best utilise existing certification systems as well as how to ensure due diligence in the case of uncertified materials.

As part of its follow-up process, Tokyo 2020 plans to review and disclose information on the concrete formwork plywood panels being procured by Tokyo 2020, the TMG and the JSC for the construction of venues.

Regarding paper and palm oil, Tokyo 2020 will continue to hold discussions with experts to ensure that these materials are procured only from sustainable sources.