Second Meeting of the Mascot Selection Panel

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games held the second meeting of its Mascot Selection Panel on Monday, 5 June.

At this meeting, Mascot Selection Panel mainly discussed the selection criteria, details of the selection process, and the concrete method of voting procedure at the elementary schools.

As a result of the discussions, a decision was made to include members of the younger generation in the design check process that will take place during the initial selection stage.

Following the meeting, panel member Kazuhiko Torishima said, "Japan is a leading country in the creation of characters, and Japanese children are probably among the best judges. For this reason, we hope to select the best possible Games mascots. Today, we held lively discussions about how to achieve this, and we hope that the people of Japan are looking forward to seeing the selected mascots."

The next meeting of the Mascot Selection Panel will be held on Monday, 19 June.
Tokyo 2020 Games Mascots