Tokyo 2020 to Team Up with Rugby World Cup 2019 !

The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee (Tokyo 2020) and the Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee signed a landmark collaboration agreement today under which the two organisations will exchange knowledge and resources in order to maximise benefits for their respective sporting events - two of the world's biggest - being hosted in Japan over the next three years.

The organisers will share their experiences preparing for and managing major sporting events, including transport infrastructure, venue management and volunteer programmes.

A signing ceremony to mark the inauguration of the agreement was held today, attended by Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto and Akira Shimazu, CEO, Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee. At the ceremony, both parties made speeches outlining how they see the collaboration working in practice and the benefits it will bring.

The agreement has the full support of the International Olympic Committee. Commented IOC vice-president John Coates: “The attention of the sporting world is firmly focused on Tokyo and Japan as they prepare to host the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the Olympic Games in 2020. In addition to the many opportunities and benefits the host country will enjoy from these two events, there will be synergies - such as in the training of volunteers - from both Organising Committees working together during their preparations.”

Bill Beaumont, Chairman of World Rugby, commented:“World Rugby welcomes this landmark agreement, which will further boost preparations for two very special major sporting and cultural events. There are many synergies between the hosting of these two events, from technology to venues, and from security arrangements to volunteer training. We look forward to working with all parties to deliver on this opportunity. Rugby is a sport where a strong common vision, shared values and teamwork underpin success and I am sure that this agreement will be great for Rugby World Cup, great for the Olympic Games and great for the people of Japan.”

The organisers expect the agreement will help leave an even greater combined legacy of their events for Japan, for the Asian region and for international sport. Improved sporting facilities, transport infrastructure and what is hoped will be an emerging volunteer culture will continue to benefit Japanese society long after the two events are over. The organisers are also aiming for their events to renew Japan's international reputation as an experienced sporting event host nation.

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Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto and Akira Shimazu, CEO, Rugby World Cup 2019 Organising Committee A signing ceremony