Third Meeting of the Mascot Selection Panel

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games held the third meeting of its Mascot Selection Process Panel on 6 February.

The panel reviewed the framework for the mascot selection process, summarising the various opinions raised at the previous two meetings regarding the application procedure, and verifying other processes. As a result of their deliberations, it was decided that further study of the various design guidelines for public applications should be undertaken.

Kazuo Rikukawa, Tokyo 2020 Mascot Selection Process Panel member and a marketing consultant who has specialized in the character business for several years, commented, “Japan has a glowing reputation as a country that leads the field in the creation of mascot characters, and I think the rest of the world will have big expectations.”

The fourth meeting of the Mascot Selection Process Panel is scheduled to take place on 13 February, and will involve further detailed discussions on design requirements and on the selection process.

Tokyo 2020 Games Mascots