Second Meeting of the Mascot Selection Process Panel

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games held the second meeting of its Mascot Selection Process Panel today.

The meeting saw the commencement of discussions on the mascot selection process, and arguments were put forward regarding eligibility for participation in the mascot application process. A range of views were expressed, including the suggestion that there be a public appeal for professional submissions, a proposal that specific individuals be nominated and suggestions that there should be a general public appeal as well as a new round of casting.

Akihiro Hino, who has been active in character development across a range of media including anime, games and manga, commented after the meeting, “Everyone gave their honest opinions and tried to reach a decision. It was a really important meeting and I'm happy to have participated in it. I hope I can come up with some really good characters that everyone can get on board with.”

The third Mascot Selection Process Panel is scheduled to meet on 6th February, and will involve further discussion on key aspects of submissions and a debate on the name selection process.

Tokyo 2020 Games Mascots

The Mascot Selection Panel Mascot Selection Panel Chairperson Miyata and Director General/CEO Muto Mascot Selection Panel Members Shoko Nakagawa, Izumi Hayashi, Takeshi Natsuno and Akihiro Hino