Tokyo 2020 Deliver a Presentation at SportsFlame

On 14 September (local time), Tokyo 2020 Spokesperson Hikariko Ono took part in a panel discussion being held as part of the SportsFlame event in Rio de Janeiro.

Under the theme “Rio - City of International Sports,” the members of the panel exchanged a range of views from a variety of perspectives. Attending the discussion session were operations staff from the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Games, a number of researchers, and Tokyo 2020 Spokesperson Hikariko Ono who also gave a presentation. The presentation began with the Tokyo 2020 Games Vision, and continued with explanations of a variety of Games-related aspects including the current status of preparations, Tokyo's Action & Legacy Plan and its Cultural Olympiad.

Several members of the audience asked questions regarding the legacies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, sparking a lively exchange of views among panelists and audience members. Ono noted that the legacies of the Tokyo 2020 Games will not be limited merely to sport but will include a wide range of cultural and social legacies. She also stated that the development of infrastructure for urban accessibility is already underway, and noted that it will be necessary to think about leaving intangible legacies such as changing general perceptions regarding sports primarily associated with young people.

SportsFlame event in Rio de Janeiro Tokyo 2020 Spokesperson Hikariko Ono