Tokyo 2020 Live Sites in 2016 -Rio to Tokyo- Iwate Prefecture Venue: Event Report (for September 11, 2016)

On September 11, 2016 (Sunday), the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and city of Tokyo held a live site event at Fureailand Iwate, in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, as a part of Tokyo 2020 Live Sites in 2016 -Rio to Tokyo-. The event took place on the fourth day of the Rio 2016 Paralymic Games.

Sporting events were broadcast live on a large display screen. The main attraction on this day was men's wheelchair basketball, Japan versus the Netherlands. The Dutch team held a 12-point lead at one point but Japan made a temporary comeback. The score seesawed throughout the rest of the game owing to the heated action of both teams. In the end, Japan regrettably lost. However, spectators broke out into an uproar of clapping and cheering every time the Japanese team made a basket. Swimming, judo, and track & field events were also broadcast. Visitors excitedly cheered on the Japanese athletes.

The venue also included an area where visitors could experience firsthand what it was like to play wheelchair basketball and Boccia. In the wheelchair basketball corner, Hironori Takahashi, a player for the wheelchair basketball team, Miyagi MAX, served as a special coach for the day. Miyagi MAX produced players that are a part of the Japanese team playing in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Visitors gained an appreciation for the game by playing tag in wheelchairs and practicing making shots from a wheelchair. The children that participated had fun, explaining that it was difficult to maneuver the wheelchair at first but that it was immensely gratifying when they picked up speed and made a shot.

On-stage performances also livened up the atmosphere at the venue. A brass band club from the local Miyako Daiichi Junior High School in Iwate Prefecture gave a heartfelt concert and another local group, the Ozaki Seiyukai, performed the Ozaki Toramai (tiger dance). The last event on stage was a talk show with members of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club at Aomori University, who gave a magnificent performance at the flag handover ceremony during the closing ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Among other things, members talked about what it was like to participate in the ceremony.

The Tokyo 2020 Live Sites in 2016 -Rio to Tokyo- was kicked off on the same day as the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games and will continue to be held during the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Events will be held at Ueno Park and Showa Kinen Park in Tokyo and the Citizen Square of Kotodai Park (Miyagi Prefecture) and Azuma Gymnasium (Fukushima Prefecture) in the Tohoku region. We hope you will all come join in the festivities. See our special site, Facebook, and Twitter for event dates, times, and other details (in Japanese only)!

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Children trying out wheelchair basketball Miyako Daiichi Junior High School brass band club performs on stage Ozaki Toramai (tiger dance) performed by the Ozaki Seiyukai Talk show with members of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club at Aomori University