Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE Media Preview

A preview of Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE for the media was held at Cidade das Artes in Rio de Janeiro on August 4. Many journalists from around the world joined the event. From Tokyo 2020, President Yoshiro Mori and Sports Director Koji Murofushi joined the opening ceremony.

A media tour was held during the event. Journalists were shown 8 exhibition areas, including a Tokyo 2020 Area, a Tokyo Metropolitan Government Area, a Government of Japan Area, a Tokyo 2020 Partner Area and a “46 Views of Japan” Area.

The most popular exhibits included a model of the new National Olympic Stadium in the Tokyo 2020 Area, the TOKYO WATER TREE in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Area, a Yo-Yo fishing exhibit in the Japanese Culture Experience Area and a huge 15-tier Hina doll exhibit containing around 1000 dolls.

Journalists were able to take pictures at the “TOKYO MANGA PHOTO” spot, a feature utilizing unique Japanese technology to promote the five newly added Olympic sports.

Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE is located at the cultural complex “Cidade das Artes”, near the Olympic Park in Barra Area in Rio de Janeiro. It will be open during the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and will bring together an array of content that can be enjoyed by everyone. The main attractions include an area dedicated to introducing the appeal of Japan and Tokyo - the host city of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games - as well as an area where visitors can experience authentic Japanese culture.

Image of  opening ceremony Image of  Sports Director Koji Murofushi Image of site 1 Image of site 2 Image of site 3