Five Additional Sports Unanimously Approved by the IOC for Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee is delighted to see that the International Olympic Committee unanimously approved its proposal to include five new sports at the Tokyo 2020 Games. A total of 18 additional events will be added.

Five Additional Sports for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

SportsProposed Events
(M = men, W = women)
No of EventsNo of Athletes (total)
Baseball /
Baseball (M)1 144
Softball (W)190
KarateKata (W / M)220
Kumite (3 weight classes - W / M)660
SkateboardingStreet (W / M)240
Park (W / M)240
Sport ClimbingBouldering, Lead and Speed Combined (W / M)240
SurfingShortboard (W / M)240
Total 18 474

Baseball / Softball

Proposed Events:

Baseball (M)
No of Events: 1
No of Athletes(total): 144

Softball (W)
No of Events: 1
No of Athletes(total): 90


Proposed Events:

Kata (W / M)
No of Events: 2
No of Athletes(total): 20

Kumite (3 weight classes - W / M)
No of Events: 6
No of Athletes(total): 60


Proposed Events:

Street (W / M)
No of Events: 2
No of Athletes(total): 40

Park (W / M)
No of Events: 2
No of Athletes(total): 40

Sport Climbing

Proposed Events:

Bouldering, Lead and Speed Combined (W / M)
No of Events: 2
No of Athletes(total): 40


Proposed Events:

Shortboard (W / M)
No of Events: 2
No of Athletes(total): 40


No of Events: 18
No of Athletes(total): 474

M = men, W = women

Olympic Sports

President of The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Yoshiro Mori, commented:

"We are very pleased that the IOC has approved our proposal. I deeply appreciate the support of the IOC members, and of various national and international federations in this matter. Thanks to new provisions in the Olympic Agenda 2020, for the first time ever an Olympic Organising Committee was given this unique opportunity to contribute to the design of the Olympic Programme. This will allow us to write a new chapter in the history of the Olympic Games.

"Through these additional events, the Tokyo 2020 Games aims to inspire new generations and become a turning point and a model for future Olympic Games. We will continue to work closely with all stakeholders, including managers of the venues which will host the newly added sport events, to prepare an excellent Games."

Image of press conference Image of Baseball / Softball

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Softball: ©JSA

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