The Tokyo 2020 Emblems Selection Committee Outlines Potential Selection Criteria

The Tokyo 2020 Emblems Selection Committee today outlined potential selection criteria for the Tokyo 2020 emblems, keywords for the emblems concept, requirements for applicants, as well as a basic timeline of the selection process.

The application process is currently being finalised. The official launch of the competition and details for the submission of designs will be announced in due course.

Keywords for the concept of the emblems
– The power of sport
– Typifying Japan and / or Tokyo
– World peace
– Achieving a personal best, exerting the utmost efforts
– Inclusivity
– Innovation
– Futuristic
– Recovery, Reconstruction (from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami)

Selection criteria
– Empathy – designs should be able to elicit empathy with a large number of people
– Symbolism – designs should be worthy of serving as the symbols of the Tokyo 2020 Games
– Originality – designs should be highly original or distinctive
– Design concept – designs should incorporate an outstanding design concept
– Scalability – designs should incorporate a high degree of scalability for use on various forms of media, including licensed products, promotional materials, Games adornments, etc.
– Reproducibility – designs should incorporate a consistent design image that retains its impact when used in a variety of different forms (e.g. in black and white, enlarged or reduced image, etc.)

Requirements for applicants
– The competition is open to everyone regardless of previous experience or formal qualifications
– All applicants must be 18 years of age or over
– Japanese nationals or foreign nationals resident in Japan
– Group entries are also invited. However, all group entries must specify an individual person with whom future contact can be conducted. The specified person must meet the above age, nationality and residential requirements (group entries are permitted to enable children and foreign nationals resident abroad to participate in the competition). Please note that groups must not exceed ten people.
– All individual or group entries must submit one set of emblem designs only (one set constitutes one emblem design for the Olympic Games and one emblem design for the Paralympic Games)

– Mid–October: Official launch of the Tokyo 2020 Emblems' design competition
– 7 December: Deadline for the submission of designs
– Spring 2016: Official announcement of the Tokyo 2020 Games Emblems
The Tokyo 2020 Emblems Selection Committee The Tokyo 2020 Emblems Selection Committee Ryohei Miyata