Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Additional Event(s): presentation of the 8 shortlisted International Federations

With the Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC has allowed the organising committees to make proposals for the inclusion of one or more additional events on the Olympic programme. And Tokyo 2020 is honoured and privileged to be the first OCOG to embrace this wonderful opportunity.
After the launch of a selection procedure and the shortlist of 8 International Federations (IFs), it is now time for the IF Interviews, taking place in Tokyo today.
Tokyo 2020 will make a decision on the event(s) to be proposed to the IOC in September 2015. The final decision, in line with the Olympic Charter, will be made at the 129th IOC Session in Rio in August 2016.
But before this, let's get to know the shortlisted IFs better:

Message from the World Baseball Softball Confederation
WBSC is hopeful that putting baseball and softball - Japan's National sport - under the Tokyo 2020 umbrella could help further position the Olympic Games as the centre of the sporting and cultural universe - and provide Tokyo 2020 organisers with another tool to shine the spotlight on the 2020 Games and on the host nation itself, optimising fan-, youth- and overall engagement nationally and internationally.
With the existing baseball/softball venues throughout Japan, it could bring Tokyo 2020 and the Olympic Movement dividends - particularly in engaging both genders and youth -- with no associated construction costs and minimal operational costs - aligning with the Agenda 2020 vision.
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Message from World Bowling
The addition of the sport of Bowling in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will create a strong and positive impact because of its global reach and ability to engage with new audiences. Bowling is a highly accessible sport where young people can watch athletes compete at the highest level and then go with friends to a center and practice it themselves.
Moreover, Bowling is one of the most popular sports among girls and women in regions like South East Asia and the Middle East offering Tokyo 2020 a great chance to reach out and engage with new audiences that are currently not so involved with the Olympic Games.
And finally Bowling provides Tokyo 2020 with a strong additional platform for national and regional promotion with its huge popularity in Japan and across Asia at a high performance competition level.
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Message from the World Karate Federation
Karate is an international sport originated in Japan that has 100 million participants in 190 NFs/5 continents. Karate's presence in the Games should greatly contribute for developing sports among youth as 80% of total participants are teenager and below, and 35% are female.
Moreover, Karate regards courtesy the most important thing as it's Japanese Budo (martial art). Athletes and referees bow each other to show respect before/after matches as well as practice. This custom is evaluated so that Karate is conducted in schools education.
Karate seeks being an Olympic sport and contribute for world peace through diffusing spirit of courtesy.
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Message from the International Roller Sports Federation
Roller Sports can be the perfect answer to the Games' need of renewals: the events proposed can attract youth, media and sponsors attention like no other sport.
Moreover, the project presented by FIRS to the Tokyo 2020 goes beyond the ordinary proposal of sporting events: Roller Sports is an across-the-board movement and in Japan there are the perfect conditions to make this movement grow, so FIRS has proposed a five-year set of events with the objective of developing the sporting & entertainment potential to the highest level, before during and after the Games.
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Message from the International Federation of Sport Climbing
The vision of sport climbing is higher, faster and stronger with a fresh youth-oriented approach. Climbing brings a new vertical dimension to the Olympic Games and is the only basic human movement not yet included. Venues are impressive and provide a powerful show.
Rules are simple; get to the top! Venues are low cost and flexible; costing approximately $250,000 and can be indoors, outdoors, or share space.
In 2013 we counted 25 million climbers; in 2015 new estimates are 35 million. 50% of our climbers are under 25 years of age, thanks to the latest trend of urban/action sports.
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Message from the World Squash Federation
Squash is youthful, it is athletic and competitive, and enjoyed in 185 countries. It has been voted the world's healthiest sport. Our athletes, innovation, broadcast quality and presentation are why squash would bring something special to the Olympic Games. Squash is the only racket sport where the two players share the same space - it is gladiatorial. All-glass showcourts anywhere in the city would showcase Tokyo, leaving a real legacy for the thriving sport in Japan. Squash is cost effective, with two events, 64 athletes, two courts & a short schedule. Squash is ready, squash is the sport for tomorrow.
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Message from the International Surfing Association
The ISA believes Surfing is the ideal choice for Tokyo 2020, Japan, and the whole Olympic Movement. Our vision is to offer a new and dynamic sporting platform for Tokyo 2020 to engage young people in Japan and globally.
Our sport has inherently youthful values and its blend of high performance, style and digital connectivity appeals to young people - we can showcase Tokyo and Japan to a worldwide audience and help celebrate the Games in a truly modern way. Innovative, cost-effective wave park technology will also create a sustainable urban sports hub that will benefit Tokyo for generations.
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Message from the International Wushu Federation
Wushu's entrance into the Olympic Games will ignite the passion of millions of wushu fans worldwide, and provide the IOC a chance to capitalize on the sport's global popularity and huge potential market. Wushu's core principles offer ethical value to young viewers and athletes, engendering a strong sense of fair play, health and friendship in line with the mission of the Olympic Spirit. The deeply connected international community and striking visual components of wushu also make it an active topic on social media and new media platforms, largely shared by younger athletes and fans, creating Olympic exposure to new generations.
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