Tokyo 2020 Establishes Culture and Education Commission

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games is pleased to announce the appointment of the members of the Tokyo 2020 Culture and Education Commission, which was confirmed at today's Executive Board meeting.
The commission will provide the organising committee with crucial insights and assist it in its preparations to host an inspiring Culture and Education Programme that will enthuse athletes and media as well as the Olympic Family, spectators and all other stakeholders.
Tokyo 2020 President Mori was delighted by the establishment of the Culture and Education Commission, which brings the organising committee a step closer to the successful delivery of the Games. "The coming fiscal year will be very important for the organising committee, as it will be the year in which we commence implementation of specific initiatives contained in our Games Foundation Plan," he said today.
The Tokyo 2020 Culture and Education Commission will consist of 28 leading figures (17 male, 10 female, with a further appointment to be made at a later date) of Japan's art and entertainment worlds as well as prominent members from the field of education. The commission will be chaired by Ryohei Miyata, President of the Tokyo University of the Arts.
Among the commission members are Kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa; ballet dancer Kumi Koyama; fashion designer Junko Koshino; NHK educational programme co-host Shelly; tea ceremony master Sen Sōshitsu; Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) artist, Yuki Ikenobo; Michelin 3-star chef Yoshihiro Murata; award-winning film director Takashi Yamazaki; and American sake sommelier Sarah Marie Cummings.
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