Tokyo 2020 welcomes KADOKAWA CORPORATION as Official Supporter

Tokyo 2020 Welcomes KADOKAWA CORPORATION as Official Supporter

The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) today welcomed KADOKAWA CORPORATION (KADOKAWA) as a Tokyo 2020 Official Supporter, the third domestic tier of the Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Programme.

The company has been attributed the category “Books and Magazines Publishing Services”. Its addition brings the total number of Tokyo 2020 domestic partners to 62, including 15 Gold Partners, 32 Official Partners and 15 Official Supporters (including one Official Supporter which sponsors only the Paralympic Games), all of whom will play vital roles in the successful delivery of the Games.

Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori welcomed the announcement, commenting, “We are delighted to welcome KADOKAWA, one of Japan's leading publishing companies, as an Official Supporter. KADOKAWA has supported Japanese cultural activities for many years, and I am confident their publishing services will help us to disseminate the excitement of the Tokyo 2020 Games to many people.”

Masaki Matsubara, Representative Director and President of KADOKAWA, commented, “KADOKAWA has, since its foundation in 1945, continued to deliver a diverse range of innovative content under our company's business creed of “Fueki Ryuko”(fluidity and immutability), under which we seek to be rooted in tradition while carrying the fearless heart of a challenger, never afraid to change. We are extremely honored to become a member of the Tokyo 2020 Official Supporter at this time. We will contribute to the Tokyo 2020 Games' success through providing our publishing services by way of delivering event related information as well as each exciting and touching moments, all to be captured in the “form” of publications and delivered to the multitude of visitors coming from all parts the world.”

About the Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Programme

The Olympic sponsorship programme is divided into four separate categories, with the IOC's The Olympic Partner (TOP) programme constituting the very highest level of Olympic sponsorship. The Worldwide TOP Partners who support the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 are Coca-Cola, Alibaba, Atos, Bridgestone, Dow, GE, Intel, Omega, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Toyota and Visa.

The three remaining categories are designated for domestic sponsors. The highest domestic tier comprises Gold Partners, the second tier consists of Official Partners and the third tier is made up of Official Supporters. Domestic sponsors will also be core components of Tokyo 2020's Marketing Programme, and until 2020 they will be indispensable partners both for the successful delivery of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and as partners of Japan's Olympic and Paralympic teams. Accordingly, they will be accorded the rights to use Tokyo 2020's Olympic and Paralympic designations and imagery, including emblems, mascots and slogans. In collaboration with all sponsors who take part in the Marketing Programme, the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee will work to contribute to a brighter tomorrow for both Japan and the world.
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After being founded as a publisher of literary arts, we have continued to transform ourselves in accordance with the changing demand with the change of the times. At current, we publish about 5,000 new titles every year, ranging from literary books, comics, light novels, practical guides, study-aid books, children's books to entertainment information magazines, etc. We provide a diverse offering of publishing services not limited to print books, which includes e-books and user-generated novel publishing websites, and will continue on our path as a company that creates new cultures well into the future.

In addition to these 62 Tokyo 2020 domestic partners, the Tokyo 2020 sponsorship programme also includes eight Worldwide Olympic Partners - Alibaba, Atos, Bridgestone, Coca-Cola, Omega, Panasonic, Procter & Gamble and Toyota - as Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Gold Partners.