Tokyo 2020 Welcomes ECC Co., Ltd. as an Official Supporter


The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) today welcomed ECC Co., Ltd. (ECC) as a Tokyo 2020 Official Supporter, the third domestic tier of the Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Programme.

The company has been attributed the category “Offline Language Training Services.” Its addition brings the total number of Tokyo 2020 domestic partners to 53*, including 15 Gold Partners, 30 Official Partners, and 8 Official Supporters, all of whom will play vital roles in the successful delivery of the Games.

Tokyo 2020 President Yoshiro Mori welcomed the announcement, commenting, “We are delighted to welcome ECC Co., Ltd. as an Official Supporter. Since its founding in 1962, as an educational institution and through the teaching of foreign languages ECC has contributed to the development of human resources with a modern and international mindset. We believe that ECC will be a strong supporter of the drive to encourage people to embrace “unity in diversity”, one of our Tokyo 2020 visions, and that the Tokyo 2020 Games will provide a good opportunity to help realise a more inclusive society.

Katsumi Yamaguchi, President of ECC, commented, “It is a great honor for ECC to be able to participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 as an official supporter. Based on its founding philosophy that says, “ECC will foster human resources to develop an active role in the international community,” we support those who are active on the global stage as well as those who make efforts to pursue their own possibilities. For the Tokyo 2020 Games, we would like to support athletes, sports management, and cultural activities through offline language training services, thus contributing to world peace through the international exchange of thoughts and ideas among people.”

About the Tokyo 2020 Sponsorship Programme: The Olympic sponsorship programme is divided into four separate categories, with the IOC's The Olympic Partner (TOP) programme constituting the very highest level of Olympic sponsorship. The Worldwide TOP Partners who support the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 are Coca-Cola, Alibaba, Atos, Bridgestone, Dow, GE, Intel, Omega, Panasonic, Procter and Gamble, Samsung, Toyota and Visa.

The three remaining categories are designated for domestic sponsors. The highest domestic tier comprises Gold Partners, the second tier consists of Official Partners and the third tier is made up of Official Supporters. Domestic sponsors will also be core components of Tokyo 2020's Marketing Programme, and until 2020 they will be indispensable partners both for the successful delivery of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and as partners of Japan's Olympic and Paralympic teams. Accordingly, they will be accorded the rights to use Tokyo 2020's Olympic and Paralympic designations and imagery, including emblems, mascots and slogans. In collaboration with all sponsors who take part in the Marketing Programme, the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee will work to contribute to a brighter tomorrow for both Japan and the world.

Please click the following link to learn more about the rights granted to the Tokyo 2020 Games' Sponsors: Sponsorship Programme

About ECC Co., Ltd.: Since its founding in 1962, ECC has been engaged in a wide variety of educational activities as a comprehensive lifelong educational institution. We have been a trusted company with a proven track record for over 56 years. ECC-developed curriculums and materials help realize individual goals of our students, ranging from toddlers to senior citizens, producing tangible results. By providing language training services, it is our corporate mission to foster human resources who will acquire what it takes to be internationally-minded people in the strictest sense of the term.

*In addition to these 53 Tokyo 2020 domestic partners, the Tokyo 2020 sponsorship programme also includes seven Worldwide Olympic Partners – Alibaba, Atos, Bridgestone, Omega, Panasonic, Procter and Gamble and Toyota – as Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Gold Partners.