Let's 55 Virtual Experience - Archery with SONODA Waka


When Olympians and Paralympians showcase their incredible skill, what does it look like from their point of view? Many people probably wonder as they watch in awe as their favourite athletes compete for the biggest prizes. Tokyo 2020 introduces ‘Let’s 55 Virtual Experience’, a project that provides an innovative experience of what it actually looks like to compete as a top-level athlete, covering all 55 sports on the Tokyo 2020 Games programme.


Today, we introduce archery through the eyes of SONODA Waka, who took it up as a first-year student at junior high school, and was chosen to be part of the Japan national team at the age of 16, the youngest ever in the sport. Try the virtual experience and see what it feels like!

Shooting with rhythm and speed

"As an outdoor sport, archery offers a unique excitement that no other sports can. Matches are played even in the rain, wind or searing sun, and archers play in consideration of such conditions of nature. This is what makes archery a nail-biting sport that puts spectators on the edge of their seats."

"I shoot my arrows faster than most other players. I like spectators to see me finish shooting and walking away from the shooting line before other players. Matches are for demonstrating your skills developed through everyday practice, so it’s important to shoot with rhythm and speed in practice. I like having to deal with the rain or wind. It’s most rewarding when I hit the 10-point ring after navigating through such difficulties.

"Archery can be practised easily by just pulling a stretch band and letting it go. You can try this at an archery range.

"The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 have been postponed a year, but I’m sure many people are looking forward to the Games. Hosted on home soil with many visitors from abroad, the Games will also be a great opportunity to help people get to know what Japan has to offer, so I am hoping that the COVID-19 pandemic can be contained as soon as possible."