Fashion police: Lithuania and the Grateful Dead band

Team Lithuania celebrates after winning the bronze at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain, 8 Aug 1992.
Team Lithuania celebrates after winning the bronze at the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain, 8 Aug 1992.

In much of the world, the end of the year and the beginning of the new one are times of festivity, with many different celebrations taking place. But what do all these celebrations have in common? They're a chance to wear nice clothes, make yourself look good and enjoy yourself along with friends and family.

It isn’t always easy to find the perfect outfit, but worry not! Athletes from the past and present are ready to inspire you with the outfits, haircuts and accessories they wore at the Olympics.

In the eighth part of this series, we tell you the story behind the incredible outfit worn by Lithuania's basketball team on the Olympic Games Barcelona 1992 podium.

The clothing worn by Lithuania's basketball team during their matches at Barcelona 1992 was quite standard: all white with very thin yellow, green and red lines on the neck and sleeves (the colours of Lithuania). Nothing extravagant. But when the newly independent nation (March 1990) stepped onto the podium to receive their well-deserved bronze medal, it was a firework of colours!

The outfit in question has a story of its own. One of the big star of the team, Sarunas Marcioulionis, was playing in the NBA for the Golden State Warriors. He fund-raised to ensure Lithuania could go to Barcelona and, by a strange coincidence, the famous band The Grateful Dead came to know about the initiative. They then sent a cheque to the team but also asked their designer to send a box of red, yellow and green t-shirts. And on these shirts, a "dunking skeleton" was drawn.

Besides this magnificent outfit, the team itself was a marvel to watch, and a surprise to the world. Players such as Marcioulionis, Arvydas Sabonis (who later played for Washington in the NBA), Rimas Kurtinaitis (Real Madrid) and Arturas Karnisovas (Barcelona) formed an incredibly strong team, a mix of long-distance shooters, handlers and athletes who were amazingly strong in the key. They went on to win two more Olympic bronze medals in 1996 and 2000.

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