Current understanding on the issues pointed out in the BWI's report (update)


The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), and Japan Sport Council (JSC) (collectively referred to as "the three parties") received a report on the working conditions at Games construction sites from the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) in May 2019. While the three parties have not found these issues in the report, the three parties recognise that workers’ safety and health of workers on construction sites as a matter of utmost importance and would like to take appropriate measures following the report. In the letters to BWI dated 4 June and 5 July 2019, the three parties requested BWI to provide more detailed information necessary to identify these specific conditions.

On 9 July 9 2019, they received additional information from BWI but it lacked the necessary information needed to properly identify the reported issues.

Accordingly, the three parties have made an effort to understand these individual issues.

They also requested the relevant contractors to work on safety and health management of workers appropriately, and would like to continue to commit themselves to advancing the construction in full consideration of the workers’ safety and health.

Issues pointed out in the report Understanding of three parties
1 Almost half of the workers consulted did not have formal employment contracts See 2 (2) of Attachment 2
2 Workers on the Olympic Village reported working 28 days in a row, while on the New National Stadium workers reported working up to 26 days in a row See 1. of Attachment 1 and 2 (1) of Attachment 2
3 Two construction workers interviewed, who were (likely) hitori oyakata, had to purchase their own safety equipment See 1. of Attachment 1 and 2 (2) of Attachment 2
4 At the Olympic Village, a load of concrete remained hoisted in the air for some time despite strong winds, putting workers on the site in severe danger See 2 (1) of Attachment 2 In addition, TMG and Tokyo 2020 made an inquiry to the principal contractor based on the additional information provided from BWI on July 9, and confirmed that the contractor ensures the safety of crane operations by whistling to caution so that nobody works under the load
5 When a contractor working on an Olympic site collapsed, the migrant workers working at the site were not paid their due wages See 2 (2) of Attachment 2 According to the additional information provided from BWI on July 9, this issue is not recognised as a case that occurred at Games construction sites
6 Migrant workers were being left to do only menial tasks, such as handling raw materials rather than being assigned work that would further enhance their skills See 2 (2) of Attachment 2
7 Safety measures in a way that migrant workers can understand are not enough See 2 (2) of Attachment 2
8 At the New National Stadium, an accident occurred due to the insufficient lighting See 1. of Attachment 1。

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